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It takes a lot of work to hold mods accountable, often with negligible results. Work to the point of unreasonable burden. At least at the PG forum, this has been the experience.

EDIT to add - Here is a thread that overwhelmingly shows the community calling for a minimum of 100 points to comment, due to the level of shill attacks on the forum.

The mods are fully aware of this vote, yet take no steps to implement change or even address it. Just a massive shoulder shrug and a return to their pizza party.


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Mods that seek to circumvent a report system can also spawn 50 alts and invite them all as mods, and those alts would have alts. Just look at Reddit, which is moderated by a spiderweb filled with nepotism and fake accounts. Once a system like that is in place your only option is to devote admin time to playing whack-a-mole.