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^^^^^^ THIS GUY ^^^^^^ gets it. So many subs got cucked and there's nothing we can do about it. v/Chicago comes to mind. We already know that transferring subs is almost impossible here so there needs to be a way to un-cuck a sub. Hell, I applied to take over a dead sub months ago. Nothing ever became of it.

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Dude, I could

  1. write a script to scrape social media for conversations,

  2. connect over vpn or other methods,

  3. create dozens of profiles with faked useragents for a headless browser, do this every day to age some of the accounts,

  4. let some of these accounts age, while I use others to auto-post and cross-post with the aforementioned scrapper

  5. use a dictionary to find+replace words in the scrapped conversations with synonyms

  6. even vary the writing style, with or without emojis, with or without caps, inserting ums and ahs, preference for commas or not, shorter or longer responses, etc.

  7. Manually log in to a handful of accounts each day to push more important, specific agendas on multiple fronts, like getting Puttitout to favor committees, or abusable spam buttons, or even user take over of subverses--or creating the impression that manual solutions where every report has to be reviewed is the answer (and then abusing the hell out of that system in order to slowly push a crisis where he reconsiders bringing on mods or community members who are really just the hypothetical shill accounts.)

I'm not saying I do any of this. I don't, but I'm a mediocre scripter and it is well within my reach. Imagine what the share blue cunts and other private disinfo bitches have available in terms of tools?

Edit: The ONLY thing that will work is being willing to adapt to the changes, on a semi-regular basis, like every 3-6 months to account for abuses of the system--and providing as MUCH transparency as possible.


[–] Rainy-Day-Dream 1 points 0 points (+1|-1) ago 

I think as long as we restrict it's use to active participants of the sub in question it'd be a very nice thing to have


[–] HarveyKlinger 1 points 3 points (+4|-1) ago 

No good. The faggot that's running v/Chicago banned everybody that was posting there (see so none of us would have been considered "active participants." That cunt (@Clueless-Joe-Jackson) had multiple accounts so when it was taken away from him, he merely took it over with one of his alt accounts (@noobftw) and even bragged about it. Take a good look at all the mods of that sub. They're all the same faggot (which he again admitted to). In case you're curious, I got banned for posting a Chicago Tribune Article about something that happened that weekend on the south side. There was no commentary.

@puttitout: until v/Chicago gets fixed and a system is put in place so that it can be resolved quickly if it ever happens again, @VOAT will always be slightly cucked by SJW's and trolls.