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Question: What should I do with old hard drives? Shred?

wipe them off with a cloth.

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He should acid wash them.

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Seriously though, I haven't really seen an effective way, using technology, to really truly make a hard drive 100% unrecoverable.

Write zeroes? It like has fuckin magnetic residue or some shit and using the writing algorithm they can reconstruct the data or something.

To me, the classics never go out of style. Hammer, sandpaper, optional woodchipper, then fire. It's not too hard to get wood to burn blue.

tl;dr If it's a mound of slag I'm 100% certain it can't be recovered.

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Rare-earth-metal magnets also help to truly scramble old electronics, just don't do it near stuff you want to keep.

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We get the maintenance guys to drill through ours, or saw them into pieces and then bathe them in a corrosive bath.

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You can degauss a hard drive. I've done it for work before. Just be sure to leave your watch or phone or something else valuable outside.

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A single pass of zeros is sufficient for just about any hard drive bigger than an early 80s 10mb ST-566 disk. Even at that time, an electron microscope was needed to guess what individual bits used to be prior to wiping, and that has a pretty high error rate.

There's no way anyone's recovering from a full zero wipe; and if you want, you can do a random wipe or a multiple pass wipe with a tool like DBAN, but it's probably unnecessary.

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Or a handkerchief with a pizza map on it.

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I jumped on mine until it was in little pieces. Is that secure enough?

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not for good computer forensics. plenty good enough for regular folks though.

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Thanks for all the hard work @PuttItOut

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Better bleach bit them @Puttitout

Edit, sorry the correct term is ACID WASH, right?

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If I can work in some of my jeans while doing the hard drive all the better.

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If this Voat thing doesn't work out, you always have a back-up plan as a stand-up comedian.

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Wipe it with a cloth or something


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What, like with a cloth?

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no the use of a corrosive element was fact checked as wrong

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Whenever I see a "Voat is under heavy load or we're fixing something" I always react positively, because it's a very obvious signal that something's happening and you're working on improving the platform.

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I wish I felt that way. I usually have a recoverable stroke.

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Put some nasty malware on the old hard drives, label them with "Proof of Russian election manipulation" and then send them anonymously to CNN.

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Oh yes.

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You're using the wrong alt Puttsy, kek ;)

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Perhaps we should just post bricks to CNN too... just for grins!

Anonymous, nameless, faceless, (fictional) experts in how CNN management think, told me that they love bricks. The evidence is pretty conclusive!

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Being a minimalist is the best way to live life! Welcome to the club. A little note on finance would be appreciated, we worry.

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For every useless object you don't buy, I'm going to buy three and get on hoarders

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Will Voat cost $10K/month still?

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They are trying to fix that now! I hope for the best, this is my cyber home.

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A big THANK YOU to the Voat team. Please post a donation link so we can help to sustain this great community.

Donate to Voat

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We have an issue with processing donations currently. Hopefully soon we will be back up.

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crap yea, I just found that out. Post an update here once its worked out!

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