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And a nice truck!

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aawww! had to save this one! use to have a goat in the family.

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I don't go outside, for whiteness reasons. What should I do instead?

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You want that Vitamin D (actually a prohoromone) that increases testosterone values and can cure depression in those who have a deficiency amongst many other things.

Being out in the sun is one of the best things you can do for happiness and energy, especially if you live in an area where there is little to no sunlight at all during winter.

Staying inside for whiteness reasons sounds like a successful jewish plot to reduce the testosterone amongst race aware people with European decent.

Going outside and getting a slight tan doesn't change what makes you who you are, I like it a lot as it lightens my hair and brings out the golden tones.

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Us ginger whites burn in the sun like vampires.

Also we happen to produce our Vitamin D from sunlight way more efficiently than you other degenerates

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I naturally tan, brown hair and eyes. BUT, I live on a sunny tropical-ish island. I see the people that spend their days and days out in the sun, tanning and tanning. They look great at 20 years old. Those 40 year olds that have spent so much time tanning though? Starting to look like leather, not joking even the slightest.

I go out once or twice a spring and summer, get some color on my skin and then I'm done. I look forward to the days when I'm still nice and unspotted, not wrinkled up leather. I've embraced being pale and think it's beautiful.

I do have to take a vitamin D supplement though and get plenty of sun in the early spring, early fall before the worst of the harsh sunlight hits us.

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This only works if the sunlight doesn't hurt you. And depending on how white you are, normal sun shine will hurt you. Hard. The upside of this is, when you go see a doctor because of whatever, you will immediately get emergency treatment, because everyone thinks you are dying because how pale you are.

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Well that took a turn.

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Learn a magic trick

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I'm way ahead of you there.

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I started playing D&D

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Dice & Dominoes?

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Sunlight is good, just be sensible, as with everything. The red light in sunlight stimulates mitochondrial respiration and increases dopamine production as the light penetrates the retina and reaches the substantia nigra. Lack of red light and too much blue light (TV, monitor, smart phone) accelerates the damage sustained by these neurons and increases chances of developing Parkinson's.

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And don't use sun cream, that's what causes cancer, not the sun

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Giving people a factor they can control, such as sun and device exposure, is more positive than reminding them of the factors they cannot control, such as exposure to pesticides.

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I say big words! Yay!

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Technically impaired person here -- will voat look different after these changes?

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No, this will not change anything on this site other than we need to do some work on the servers to allow the new code to not cause problems.

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Thanks for the answer as another technically impaired person.

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Good luck with the changes! And thanks for all the hard work. It is appreciated!

Hey, make some time for yourself in there, too! You deserve it!

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Thanks friend

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Went for a bike ride today. Did 15 miles and saw a turtle. It was good to get out but now I have a farmers tan.

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You ever seen a golfers tan around the ankle sock line?

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Usually they wear pants, no?

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Neither have you since taking over...

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Bike rides are great. Wish more people would ride. Enjoy

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I used to tool round town a few years ago, slick as shit, and took a shortcut through some park and holy smokes, I can see how mountain biking is such a big thing. Zipping between branches, hairpin turns, so fun and dangerous. Plus, in any Post / Decreased Civilization scenario, a simple bike will be the best way to get from point A to point B.

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I never actually learned how to ride a bike

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I am so pumped for this! Thanks for the warning, Putt.

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I get yelled at if I don't say anything

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No sir, I reflected quietly on my situation with a clear head. This was a more solemn Canada Day for me this year.

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Are you in the USA boss?

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TODO: Ban this user for dox attempt.

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I ask because although many others outside of USA are aware of it doesn't seem like you would speak of it unless you enjoyed the smell of burnt paper and sulfur.

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I think putt is telling us we spend too much time here and to go outside and get some sun before we all turn into troggs

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I'm not saying everyone spends too much time here, but maybe a few people. Not naming names though.

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Well if it wasn't so damn engaging then we might not be here.

Think of it like this boss. If you didn't do such a great job we wouldn't stay.

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I would be interested to see if you have a way to rank by login duration. Although how would you differentiate between active and passive logins?

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I do most of my voat surfing outside in the sun. Smart phones are a thing. You can be outside and online at the same time.

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Man I was just making a joke.

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