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Been noticing and upvoting your contributions to /v/ethereum and glad to see more crypto interested Goats.

Do you have any ethereum wallet recommendations for linux?


[–] ahab_with_piggyback 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago 

You are going to balk at this but linux is actually not a system that I use very much (I like Mac - I know some people are going to hate but it works for me). So that being said I am not familiar with linux based wallets.

Here is the latest in Ether wallets from an article that was written 3 weeks ago on the subject: some of those might support linux. I just use the official one from the Ether project called MIST.


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You'd be surprised. I don't just mod /v/apple my daily driver is a trash can Mac Pro.

That being the case, what's a good Mac wallet?

I recently set up an old box specifically for hardened cryptocurrency use: