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hey @puttitout i hope you get raped and murdered for what you've done to speech here on voat. you're a 2-bit spez wannabe takeover shill for militant criminal sjws.

puttitout has:

  • removed CCP manually from multiple users' accounts after claiming they never mess with users' CCP

  • promised to not ban more users until clarifications on the bans were made transparent. never made clarifications; has banned hundreds of accounts since that promise.

  • manipulated the userbase in a witch hunt against a user, lied to the userbase about that user, and took punative action against many users, without basis or cause, simply to silence dissent.

  • coded censorship - - hard censorship - - into voat

  • supported and protected criminals

  • again, and i can't stress this enough: repeatedly lied to the userbase, and repeatedly got caught lying to the userbase

source: my lowest rated comment has all the sources.


megalist of censorship on voat: