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"I have tried time and time again to spread my message..."

You keep shilling for the ctrl-left narrative...

"...but your website's draconian restrictions have limited me to just 10 posts a day simply because I disagree with the fake news being spread here."

The restrictions are because people see through your bullshit and downvote accordingly.

"The people at r/ProtectVoat have destroyed my SCP, leaving me unable to post any links from reputable websites." is about as disreputable as you can get, shill.

"Please take actions against users such as @1moar and @NeedleStack, who have unfairly targeted me, or there will be legal ramifications."

KEK <-- This one




Seriously, this shit is hilarious. I still can't decide if you're for real, or just a really dumb troll.

"And ask yourself: Are you fine with a website that caters to some of the most dangerous people currently walking the planet? Take a look at how depraved Trump supporters are, and ask yourself if free speech is worth the cost:"

Without free speech, EVERYBODY suffers. Without free speech, there is nothing to stop TRUE oppression. Free speech is what allows you to post your inane drivel here. You only get downvoted, not censored. Nobody is deleting your posts or your comments because, as they say, sunlight is the best disinfectant. You are free to spout your nonsense, and we're free to ridicule you. But nobody is deleting your nonsense, either.

<Bunch of shareblue links>

This is hardly "reputable websites", and that's ALL you post.

"The choice is yours. Have a good day."

The choice has been made long ago. You're free to expose yourself as a retard, and we're free to call you out on it. You won't get the option to silence others through administrative overreach here. This isn't Reddit, and it isn't run by authoritarian fuckstains.

tl;dr - get bent, Shilly McShecklestein.


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KEK <-- This one




Stylish top kek, sir.