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This is a good idea, we need to write some instruction on Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

I wonder if someone from Voat can provide some resources, or better yet, do a write up.


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Hey @PuttItOut. I have tried time and time again to spread my message, but your website's draconian restrictions have limited me to just 10 posts a day simply because I disagree with the fake news being spread here. The people at r/ProtectVoat have destroyed my SCP, leaving me unable to post any links from reputable websites. Please take actions against users such as @1moar and @NeedleStack, who have unfairly targeted me, or there will be legal ramifications.

And ask yourself: Are you fine with a website that caters to some of the most dangerous people currently walking the planet? Take a look at how depraved Trump supporters are, and ask yourself if free speech is worth the cost:

The choice is yours. Have a good day. :)