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Yeah it is, a ton of the coins listed on and will die out.

Most of them do have a specific justification for existence.

Litecoin is supposed to be bitcoin but faster and cheaper.

Ethereum is like a meta coin.

Dogecoin is a joke on all the Bitcoin moon talk. Yes it's literally a joke, and even it is outperforming the US dollar lately.

Monero is focused on anonymity

Dash also has a privacy focus and some of the same goals as litecoin

Decred builds a democratic governance model into the blockchain to pre-empt the scaling/mining power crisis bitcoin is seeing now.

coinmarketcap splits between currencies and assets. The currencies are more like Bitcoin and general purpose and the assets are more like stocks in distributed applications.

tl;dr it is a big fucking mess, but some of these are going to be like the MS and Apple of the next generation and some will be like the Betamax and

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I think this is largely how the creator of Litecoin sees it as well, once the Lightning Network is activated on both coins it will be possible to do on-chain atomic swaps between the two.

This means trust-free exchanges between bitcoin and lightcoin.


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What do you think of Lisk?


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It's one I have my eye on and would like to learn more.

Don't have any, but recently set up a Qubes OS machine for handling multiple wallets securely.

My vague understanding of Lisk is that it is like Ethereum but supporting actual JS code rather than Solidity. That has upside and downside. My interest in it is as a JS dev, but EOS is looking more interesting in that respect to me since it is done by the people who built out which is the biggest blockchain backed web app I know of.

I got diving into ethereum again recently because I was interested in building out a fully censorship resistant censorship network and have been for a while, but STEEM beat me to it and I didn't even realize it because the site is actually quite easy to use.

I don't think Lisk is a scam, seems like it could do well I need to learn more.