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Yeah it is, a ton of the coins listed on and will die out.

Most of them do have a specific justification for existence.

Litecoin is supposed to be bitcoin but faster and cheaper.

Ethereum is like a meta coin.

Dogecoin is a joke on all the Bitcoin moon talk. Yes it's literally a joke, and even it is outperforming the US dollar lately.

Monero is focused on anonymity

Dash also has a privacy focus and some of the same goals as litecoin

Decred builds a democratic governance model into the blockchain to pre-empt the scaling/mining power crisis bitcoin is seeing now.

coinmarketcap splits between currencies and assets. The currencies are more like Bitcoin and general purpose and the assets are more like stocks in distributed applications.

tl;dr it is a big fucking mess, but some of these are going to be like the MS and Apple of the next generation and some will be like the Betamax and

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What do you think of Lisk?


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It's a marketplace of competing coins. And cryptocurrencies are all quite new so far as the larger world is concerned, so of course it looks like a big fucking mess. But it's a beautiful mess once you see it for what it is.


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Compare it with precious metals. Picture bitcoin is at the top with gold and ethereum as silver then there's a few coppers and aluminums.


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A more accurate analogy would be Bitcoin is to gold whereas Ethereum is to oil. Ether (ETH) will actually power the Ethereum network, our next-gen decentralized internet. I suggest you guys look into this, as it's slated to surpass Bitcoin soon in marketcap.


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Is dogecoin still around? If so, I never figured out what to do with it, nobody takes it as payment, anyway, no kind of internet store, anywhere.


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Namecoin apparently is focused on intangible goods, like domain names.

Ethereum Classic is a fork from Ethereum.

Potcoin is probably a scam.

Just to name a few more.


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Potcoin is an interesting idea, federal laws prevent the banks from dealing with state legal marijuana businesses so they currently deal mostly in cash.

The idea of potcoin is to be a cryptocurrency specifically for trade in medical/recreational pot.

But I don't know why you wouldn't just use bitcoin or another generic cryptocurrency for this. The Dennis Rodman/North Korea thing certainly seems scammy though (there was a price pump and dump associated with this as well)

North Korea has legal pot, and Dennis Rodman goes to NK a lot, not sure what the rest of the connection is there.