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This is true, bitcoin is anonymous in the same sense that Voat is. That is to say it is psuedoanonymous.

If you can trade bitcoin for cash that bitcoin will be difficult to tie to you, and that's one reason why governments are very wary about the fiat gateways to cryptocurrency.

Some coins like Monero and Dash attempt to improve upon the privacy of Bitcoin but I'm not familiar with the technicals of how.


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If it's ever touched an exchange the government knows you have it and will eventually send the tax man for it, and if it hasn't been cleaned afterwards they also know everything you do with it. Someone like me can't google what coin you have or where, but to the powers that be it's not private at all, not at all, not even a little bit.

Buy it directly from another human being, most preferably face to face with cash involving as few digital communications as possible to avoid this.


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motherfucker. (not you, just in general)

Tinfoil hatter here; do you or @goldf1sh have any extra elaboration on this?

I'll do like @gabara and mail fucking cash, no problem. I can't get past the notion that there's not anonyminity in cryptocurrency........ isn't that the entire point?

edit: i'm not in the cryptocurrency game right now, for this very reason. I got no problem taking a 100 dollar bill and turning it into bitcoin. But If I can't do shit with it, for fear of future wrongthink regarding supporting a free speech site, what good is it?

ALSO is it generally advised to use a VPN any time you fuck with cryptocurrency?