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/v/Bitcoin is willing to help anyone who needs an introduction to the wonderful world of cryptocurrency in whatever form.

Bitcoin is kind of expensive to send for typical donations amounts at the moment @puttitout you may want to setup ethereum/litecoin addresses as well to help mitigate this.


Other related subs:

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Yeah it is, a ton of the coins listed on and will die out.

Most of them do have a specific justification for existence.

Litecoin is supposed to be bitcoin but faster and cheaper.

Ethereum is like a meta coin.

Dogecoin is a joke on all the Bitcoin moon talk. Yes it's literally a joke, and even it is outperforming the US dollar lately.

Monero is focused on anonymity

Dash also has a privacy focus and some of the same goals as litecoin

Decred builds a democratic governance model into the blockchain to pre-empt the scaling/mining power crisis bitcoin is seeing now.

coinmarketcap splits between currencies and assets. The currencies are more like Bitcoin and general purpose and the assets are more like stocks in distributed applications.

tl;dr it is a big fucking mess, but some of these are going to be like the MS and Apple of the next generation and some will be like the Betamax and


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It's a marketplace of competing coins. And cryptocurrencies are all quite new so far as the larger world is concerned, so of course it looks like a big fucking mess. But it's a beautiful mess once you see it for what it is.


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Compare it with precious metals. Picture bitcoin is at the top with gold and ethereum as silver then there's a few coppers and aluminums.


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Namecoin apparently is focused on intangible goods, like domain names.

Ethereum Classic is a fork from Ethereum.

Potcoin is probably a scam.

Just to name a few more.


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I would prefer to mail puttitout $10 each month or $120 each year. Or maybe a bank transfer. I suppose I am just old school but I imagine it is easier for me to lose a few percent purchasing Swiss currency and mailing it to him or bank transfer to him rather than any crypto.


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The only parts of crypto that have to be hard right now are the gateways to fiat because government demands it.

Once you have it, it's really quite simple and there are very easy use wallets now.

Securing large amounts can be more difficult, but most people wouldn't even attempt to store such large amounts of wealth in any other form on their own.

Cryptocurrency has the potential to be way more secure and easy to use than any other form of banking system currently known, but significant effort into making things easy to use hasn't happened until more recently.


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I hear ya! What do you do when your only source of income is Social Security direct deposited into an old fashion bank account? I didnt understand 50% of the lingo that VOAT just used trying to explain this. It's kind of scary for us oldsters much as it was when paper currency was introduced as a substitute for coins - except I'm not that old!


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Me too


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hey @puttitout i hope you get raped and murdered for what you've done to speech here on voat. you're a 2-bit spez wannabe takeover shill for militant criminal sjws.

puttitout has:

  • removed CCP manually from multiple users' accounts after claiming they never mess with users' CCP

  • promised to not ban more users until clarifications on the bans were made transparent. never made clarifications; has banned hundreds of accounts since that promise.

  • manipulated the userbase in a witch hunt against a user, lied to the userbase about that user, and took punative action against many users, without basis or cause, simply to silence dissent.

  • coded censorship - - hard censorship - - into voat

  • supported and protected criminals

  • again, and i can't stress this enough: repeatedly lied to the userbase, and repeatedly got caught lying to the userbase

source: my lowest rated comment has all the sources.


megalist of censorship on voat:


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I have been a bit busy with work projects (construction and out of town work) but I want to add in that as spokesman but not yet mod of /v/Ethereum we totally stand behind Voat and with our brother subs in the cryptocurrency community. I am happy to devote any free time I have to making sure any Goats need help understanding this medium of exchange with Ether and also if you have any questions @puttitout I am happy to answer as best I can.


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Been noticing and upvoting your contributions to /v/ethereum and glad to see more crypto interested Goats.

Do you have any ethereum wallet recommendations for linux?


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I wouldn't trust Ethereum, at all. It's hyper-inflative by design, and was most likely created by big banks as a way to devalue the digital currency market so badly that it scares people away.


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Any sources and/or arguments to back this up?


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As far as I know the only part that's inflative "by design" is the mining DAG size, partly to motivate miners to eventually support switching to a different/better system. The problem being few (none?) of these cryptocurrencies can currently scale to the processing capacity needed for global credit card systems or stock trading. The solutions are in development, and ETH is basically ensuring there will be a somewhat gentle and consistent push to move on and not just flail indecisively like Bitcoin. It is a risk point, but I expect if the development doesn't go well there will be an alternative push to defuse/delay the time bomb instead.

Would love to hear the specifics about your concerns though!


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This is far from the truth! Please do some research (both OP and readers) on Ethereum to understand why it's such a big deal. In short, the Ethereum network is going to be the next internet that is completely decentralized. Imagine websites and app stores that the government CANNOT take down.