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This is a good idea, we need to write some instruction on Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

I wonder if someone from Voat can provide some resources, or better yet, do a write up.


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Perfect. A lack of knowledge is the only thing keeping me from using bitcoin.


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Hey @PuttItOut. I have tried time and time again to spread my message, but your website's draconian restrictions have limited me to just 10 posts a day simply because I disagree with the fake news being spread here. The people at r/ProtectVoat have destroyed my SCP, leaving me unable to post any links from reputable websites. Please take actions against users such as @1moar and @NeedleStack, who have unfairly targeted me, or there will be legal ramifications.

And ask yourself: Are you fine with a website that caters to some of the most dangerous people currently walking the planet? Take a look at how depraved Trump supporters are, and ask yourself if free speech is worth the cost:

The choice is yours. Have a good day. :)


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Unfortunately our government hates privacy. is your best bet for remaining anonymous but I've never used it myself.

Edit: Bitcoin ATMs are another option:

I've heard the fees are high and I've never seen one myself (never looked) but they are getting more popular. This is the preferred way the /biz/ kids get into the alt-coin game I think.


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There is no anonymity with bitcoin. All transactions are publicly logged.


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This is true, bitcoin is anonymous in the same sense that Voat is. That is to say it is psuedoanonymous.

If you can trade bitcoin for cash that bitcoin will be difficult to tie to you, and that's one reason why governments are very wary about the fiat gateways to cryptocurrency.

Some coins like Monero and Dash attempt to improve upon the privacy of Bitcoin but I'm not familiar with the technicals of how.


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holy shit, now THAT's something I havent seen in a long time.

VBulletin type shit.