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issues left unresolved

-you are not being transparent with the actual cost, @puttitout.

-you are not being transparent with who all is in the dev team.

-you have had over 3 months to explain these magic ban rules, but you have failed.

-you have had over 3 months to explain why you were caught manipulating users' CCP (including @Techius and @SaneGoatiSwear )

-you have neutered, then nuked, then killed chat.

-you have ostracized your core userbase in favor of SJWs from SRS, in v/soapboxbanhammer and v/protectvoat

you have either been played or are playing the voat community. on a number of fronts, not just your fuckery with fake sane and the chat spam.

i would have gladly joined and helped you on the front of house issues, but you've pushed massive behavioral restrictions and censorship, lied to the user base, manipulated users' CCP. you're not worth the penny up the gerbil's ass up the faggot whore's ass.

note how almost all responses are shill responses, not actual meaningful responses. this is how shills work. they think that if you see a bunch of detracting statements in response, you'll disagree with the comment, and disregard it. they think you are that stupid, voat!


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Hi there, i like you.