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I'd rather have InfoWars trying to manipulate this site to believe in more conspiracies than to have some normie trying to silence the conspiracy talk entirely.


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a shill is a shill no matter the flavor.


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I think we are all aware of this.

This conversation happened when the first big reddit refugee wave came, we all saw the servers crapped out, we all knew that better hardware thus more money is needed, we all knew that eventually sponsor will be needed that dont just give away money for us being so fucking nice.

Communities rise, get infected by sponsors, in this heavily capitalistic game ironically the wannabe commies thrive and kill said community.

The moment a sub gets shitcaned for wrongthink most will just turn their backs, but till this day I want to enjoy voat, the alternative would be to go back to pozzed shit like reddit and buzzfeed and nobody here wants to do that.


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You don't sound like you're any fun at parties.