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I don't think you can automate it at this time. However all you have to do is click on the donate button (or click the link within the donate word I just wrote), add whatever amount to your cart you want to pay each month ("Donate $10", "Donate $5", or more if you're that awesome) and then click check out. This method requires a credit card (though prepaid, and therefore anonymous credit cards will work). Complete your purchase with credit card.

Do this process each month to help us all keep Voat running. Subscribe to the newly created /v/Goats4Voat to get monthly reminders.

Thanks so much for considering contributing financially.

If the credit card bit bothers you there is also an option for bitcoins (though someone mentioned that link might be dead?) Putt will fix that I suspect soon. You'll have to ask someone else about that process though if you're interested.

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I'm just a goat like you trying to encourage donation, so "gave you" isn't the most accurate phrase, but HOLY COW thanks for that substantial donation, oldgoat! And you'll give monthly?

Some kind of subscription system for the credit cards has been highly requested today. If it's feasible maybe Putt will implement that. As for PayPal, Voat used PayPal for donations early on but because Voat started hosted controversial material PayPal froze their account. So basically PayPal sucks.


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PeaceSeeker, I need you to break it down further. I tried doing what you said and not wanting to give my email info I tried to check out as a guest and it asked me for all of my personal information (name address etc). I could not figure out how to just donate anonymously. Please advise.


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Right, the "checkout as guest" is the first step to avoid using email etc. This is a post outlining how to donate with a pre-paid card once you've purchased one somewhere. As I understand it it should not require any personal information. You might have to register a zip code as the thread describes, but that should be all.

It might also have to do with the Gift Card section of the donate page, but I'm uncertain. Sorry if this is not helpful enough.