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[–] markrod420 2 points 13 points (+15|-2) ago 

have you somehow been out of the loop on voat's funding issues? I thought it was pretty obvious voat is in need of funding. if I had any spare money I would be doing my best to help. that and if I believed that we have any real power left in this world. but sadly I think our power is basically limited to circle jerking on message boards.


[–] NeedleStack 2 points 35 points (+37|-2) ago 

No one had an inkling the state of finances were this dire. An earlier heads-up would have been helpful to prevent such straits.


[–] markrod420 0 points 7 points (+7|-0) ago 

I guess I just saw the previous cries for help. never saw any significant resolution to those cries, and assumed voat was still on the path to insolvency but perhaps at a slowed rate. admittedly a little warning about this before all the discounts and promos wore off may have been good.


[–] Tor1 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago 

This just happened.

It's the first bill at full price.


[–] Donbuster 3 points 0 points (+3|-3) ago 

Exactly, I asked several times for additional transparency months ago, and got a decent amount of attention, but no response. I've donated myself several times, and as much as I don't want to see this place go, I feel at this point, seeing that nice big 6.6k a month number, that, unless I see actual progress towards financial stability. Money is tight, and I don't want to simply piss it away, seeing as that comes to nearly 10 bucks an hour to keep running. The ads, too, even if we filled up every day (and I can't remember the last time we had an ad buy), aren't nearly enough, seeing as for a full day of having your ad run, we get less than 3 hours of time.

Something needs to change. Either we need to get a sponsorship (which won't be all that appreciated by the voat community, though if we were able to get the attention of a free speech group like journalists without borders or the EFF, or a similar group, I imagine backlash would be minimal), or we need to dramatically reduce costs.

Even if we do cut costs, we still need a reliable source of funding. Much as I know many here hate the concept of price gating features, a "reddit gold" style of monetization might be highly effective. If, again, our costs at current capacity are $10 an hour, and it costs, lets say $3 to guild yourself or someone else, then we MIGHT be able to generate enough income.

As far as sponsorship shit goes, this is really the only thing I could find with an organization that aligns with Voat's beliefs in regards to free speech.

We aren't a media outlet in and of ourselves, and this is CLEARLY more intended for those trying to publish accurate news in repressive countries, but its worth a shot. It seems likely that reporters without borders recognizes the need of free discourse on the internet, and the rate at which that discourse is disappearing.


[–] Intheknow 3 points 0 points (+3|-3) ago 

Seems like ransom...A goat appeared on my desktop last week and said voat was now financially independent. Why then say its failing? Odd to me but hey, "you da boss".


[–] Tsilent_Tsunami 0 points 6 points (+6|-0) ago 

if I believed that we have any real power left in this world

Of course we still have real power in this world. If we didn't, the jews would control our entire media, our entire entertainment industry, be ridiculously over-represented in all branches of our government, and openly be calling for our people to be bred out of existence. And that would just be the tip of the iceberg...


[–] markrod420 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago 

yes... if we had no power all of those things would be happening... rofl.


[–] etzefeck 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago 

Wait a second....


[–] Reed_Solomon 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago 



dang. All the way to the top.