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I’ve given up golf which was my passion

This almost made me cry.

Last month was our first non-discounted month on Azure and the usage was $6,600.90 USD.

I feared this was the case. It's been a while since we've seen actual figures, and this is in fact worse than last time we knew the total.

I’m writing this announcement to prepare this community, and the Voat family, for the possibility of a closure.

Oh shit.

I will soon be scaling back all Voat’s servers by at least 50%

Do this and more if you can. Do whatever must be done. Almost $7000/mo is not going to be easy for us to accommodate. We've done dents in the last but simply not enough of us donate to meet those requirements.

In a year or two's time I should have a job as an engineer and when that day comes I plan to substantially up my monthly contribution to this website. It obviously won't be enough to change anything, alone.

Goats, we desperately need more people to donate, and not just once, but monthly. You have no idea what we could do if enough of us donated only $5 a month. I donate $10 every month. Please, if you have a job, can afford the small investment, and care about freedom of speech, donate monthly to Voat


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I always appreciate your comments my friend. Even though I often don't say it, you've bumped me out of a slump or two with some of your words.


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We love you, Putt. <3


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That was always my hope and my intention. I've said my times that you (and Atko, when he was here) are a modern hero, absolutely fundamental and necessary to the cause of freedom of speech in this world, and I've always meant it. I know how much you have dedicated and sacrificed towards this, and I see no other explanation beyond a morality the likes of which no website of this nature has ever seen at the admin level. This is a rough spot in Voat's history but I know we'll find some way of overcoming it, like every time in the past.

I never knew you had to give up golf.


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Can you do some kind of Patreon thing? I'd be more than happy to sign up for, say, $10-20 a month, recurring. I just don't want to give you my credit card info, y'see :) Plus, too retarded to deal with bitcoins.

Middle man me and I'll be more than happy to throw you some bones.


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Is it possible for you to estimate the average number of people who donated per month in the past and calculate the minimal amount of donation for each person to cover up the cost? If the number of donors is in thousands, then $10 monthly donation should cover the cost.

Also, would you consider switching to linux servers?

Edit: could you add a $10 monthly donation option there? I would like to subscript this and see if that would be enough down the road. Thank you!


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Please tell us the process - step by step - for setting up a recurring payment to voat. Break it down like your talking to an idiot.


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You may want to ignore my other reply: There is actually an option in the Voat Store for donating $5 every month for a year. If you want to donate more than $5 each month, purchase this option multiple times.


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I don't think you can automate it at this time. However all you have to do is click on the donate button (or click the link within the donate word I just wrote), add whatever amount to your cart you want to pay each month ("Donate $10", "Donate $5", or more if you're that awesome) and then click check out. This method requires a credit card (though prepaid, and therefore anonymous credit cards will work). Complete your purchase with credit card.

Do this process each month to help us all keep Voat running. Subscribe to the newly created /v/Goats4Voat to get monthly reminders.

Thanks so much for considering contributing financially.

If the credit card bit bothers you there is also an option for bitcoins (though someone mentioned that link might be dead?) Putt will fix that I suspect soon. You'll have to ask someone else about that process though if you're interested.


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Crying? Over golf? Come on now, that's an upper class sport.


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You're right, I must maintain my dignity and class!


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What is the user population on Voat??


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It's higher today than it was last week. Major migration from the_donald today.


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I'm not certain though I think there was a semi-recent report of at least hundreds of thousands of unique monthly visitors. Could be wrong.