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How much do you think you could save running on Linux ?


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While I'm not Putt, I can say that it'd probably be a lot easier to find a new provider at the very least, so there would be a great deal more competition for Voat's business. While I haven't touched server stuff like that in some time, it's pretty simple to find Linux providers. Plus, considering Microsoft's recent stand on Windows 10 having built-in censorship tools (and their prior stand on having built-in spyware), I wouldn't trust Azure anyway.

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find a new provider

A hosting provider that supports .Net Core or equivalent to allow minimal code rewrite to move to *nix platform. Relatively new branch for .net that doesn't even seem stable or widely used at all yet. Means finding a hosting provider that supports this reliably might be pretty difficult.


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Have done other resource intensive websites usually at least 75%, azure is crippling. Best was about 98% reduction after moving a video 'chat' site we just agreed a fixed cost for next to unlimited bandwidth with another provider only paying extra on cpu rental if and when needed.


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Hard to say. Without hard bandwidth numbers, you can't just go look at a hosting providers rates and expect to figure out what we need. A considerable amount per moth, sure, maybe even a few thousand, but the work needed to get there is obscene. We should make the switch at some point, but if we want the site to survive such a switch, a 3-4 month nest egg should be built up


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I work in IT and handle many infrastructures. Microsoft licensing is fucking madness.


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Why do people pay for it then? What's the appeal?