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in b4 "not your personal army"


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Hijack cause I am a faggot. Are the "sane" accounts who posts all the spam a group of paid shills?


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The guy should be standing in front of the light. So you know it's his penis.


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Greyboxing isn't censorship, rite gauz?

-the amount you can post in a sub is limited per hour, besides in subs you mod.

-the amount you can post in a sub is limited per 24 hours, besides in subs you mod.

-you can only post once every 60(30) seconds, site wide.

-you can only downvoat comments up to the amount you've upvoated comments

-in a 24 hour period, you can only voat 1/2 as much as you have ccp total

-you cannot downvoat anyone's comments nor posts that are older than 7 days.

-you can only comment (and edit) every 30(15) seconds

-new accounts and accounts with low ccp are more limited than this, and for an unknown period of time, are forced to use google to use voat - a major privacy breach.

-all accounts must allow google to sign up for voat - a major privacy breach.

-you are not allowed to access voat past page 19 through voat, besides your own comment history to page 99.

-past 3 months, voat pages are now archived and you are not allowed to comment nor voat on them.

-you are not allowed to participate meaningfully in consensus building the direction of voat, like you used to before the admin switch 7 months ago.

-you will be harassed, attacked, and defamed, and downvoat brigaded before posts even show up in v/all/new if you attempt to bring any of this up. any of it. on this whole page.

-accounts with -ccp are serverely restricted,

which means users can effectively partially silence other users. this weaponized censorship has been utilized consistently by the cabal that has taken over voat, and has left a chilling effect on voat, allowing hugboxes to thrive and meaningful disagreement and discussion to be snuffed out. TLDR: downvoating has become a form of censorship, instead of what it was intended to be: curation. - go ahead, and poke around.

-if you are caught in a mystical trap of unknown measure, defined by a secret cabal of secret devs,

-and even upvote ONE post in a way they secretly construe as being party to a brigade, you will be banned without warning, without ability to appeal. This is not coded into voat, it's done manually by secret tribunal of shills named failure, disappointed, fuzzywords, and puttitout (to name a few.)

not even kidding. there is no rule written, there is no code in voat specifically for "vote manipulation" bans. hundreds were just banned with less than 10 votes ever given on those accounts each.

worse, the two groups of accounts with votes given were goatku's - defending brigades with reverse brigades, and the cygnus army - a false army that didn't even account for 10% of just the brigade on my account.

meaning, puttitout banned some users for upvoating, and didn't ban any of the actual voat abusers harassing, assaulting, defaming users, and manipulating the front page by upvoat brigading themselves and their shillack nor any of the abusers silencing users with downvoat brigades. megapost link

-if you are caught protecting others' ability to speak on the same account, you will be banned for it, while those abusers silencing users are protected by the administration of voat.

furthermore, they have strict code already in place, just turned off that limits you to just 10 downvoats on another account per rolling 30 minute window. not turned on yet

TLDR: there is MASSIVE censorship on voat, but it's been a slower slippery slope than on reddit, in the hopes that YOU wouldn't notice.


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Request denied. Reason: SJW faggot.


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read the evidence, decide for yourselves. This is all well documented and proven, @Puttitout is an SJW, is a shill, is PAID to turn Voat into a Safe Space for Testing Tactics on Dissidents. The Voat Community is run by the damn kikes. Take back your Voat, REMOVE @PUTTITOUT.

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No. One. Cares. You. Fuck. You were a piece of shit then and you're a piece of shit now.


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In your own words "read the evidence, decide for yourselves."

Well, we read the evidence and we decided for ourselves and from what I can tell, no one cares. I guess I don't know the correct words for the next part....... I mean......... we did what you requested and have collectively come to the conclusion that ....................... there is no conclusion because no one cares.


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Run out of cocks to suck today ?