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It's a scam. Nothing will happen. You can tell by the sense of urgency they try to instill in the reader. I call these "ticking clock" scams. If the author(s) had the capability to attack, they would have just done their DDOS from the get go, and not tried this phony baloney "protection racket" scheme. The lack of a demonstration of power suggests there is no power to demonstrate.

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I still don't buy it. Might be a real group, but anyone could have read those articles and registered a gmail address in the group's name.

From the first article you linked:

After the demise of these two main groups, there was a wave of copycats [1, 2, 3, 4, 5] that used their respective reputation to extort payments from companies, in many cases without even possessing any DDoS capabilities.

Put me firmly in the LOL camp.