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- @puttitout supports censorship by allowing weaponized voting, behavior and speech restrictions on voat

- @puttitout sanctions downvoat brigades against dissenters of the sjw srs control of voat (over 18,000 downvoats on my account, coupled with dozens of massive spam attacks on subs i mod, and thousands of hours spent attacking my character and attempting to turn the community against me, gaslight me, assassinate my character, wear me down, tens of thousands of comments and thousands of front page upvoat brigaded posts, and all the disinformation tactics in the book. not 1 single one of these criminal shills, nor downvoat brigaders were banned nor even warned, but @puttitout this confirmed criminal shill against freedom of speech of the highest order, badged a shill with a unique badge in 1 hour, for sjw shilling against community and also,

- @puttitout bans anyone preventing or slowing that silencing of dissent (see 2x groupings of goatku and friends) with secret bans in secret courts with secret judges with secret rules, with no warning, and no appeal. any amount they feel is upvoat brigading, and you may be banned. but downvoat brigading to silence free speech is protected.

over 150 accounts banned for voat manipulation with less than 10 votes ever given. a few accounts with ZERO votes ever given have also been banned for "vote manipulation."

- @puttitout supports and sanctions harassment and defamy campaigns against dissenters mega list of shills on voat an example of a criminal shill in the SJW organization

- @puttitout lies to the userbase. claims they don't remove points, yet was just proven to have removed over a thousand ccp from my account, and admitted it lies right to your faces.

- @puttitout lies to the userbase again. a month later, more bans, and no clarification. 100% lied to your face.

and now puttitout confirms he's against anyone speaking out against him. confirms stealing private subs. all private subs are fair game. voat exodus is now in full effect.