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go1dfish here.

First feature request: I love the optional anon modes, but they should mix better. I should be able to choose to identify myself in anon threads, and (if the sub verse allows it) comment anonymously in regular threads. Allowing anon participation should be the default.

(Edit: plenty of folks, or one determined person has decided to help demonstrate why these features could be useful: https://voat.co/v/announcements/1727282/8450869))

The anon support is currently one of the biggest differentiating features from reddit and highly underused.

Second: separate the frontend, you are already planning on doing this.

Third: once the frontend is separated, it becomes a long running app on the user's machine. Voat already supports realtime chat (and message updates), give us realtime thread/comment updates (SSEs may be a lighter approach than the web sockets used for chat)

Fourth: Bitcoin tipping. Give every Voat user a bitcoin account managed on the server and utilities to easily send BTC between users (off chain in the Voat DB to allow minuscule payments without fees)

Ill update this or reply as I come up with more stuff.

Fifth: ditch default subverses and go to a normalized SFW /v/all for the frontage.

You/Voat should be as hands off as possible when it comes to what content succeeds or fails on the site, and the default sub verses are the biggest influence remaining in that sense that I can see.

One more thing: Make /v/TaxationIsTheft a featured subverse on or before April 15th ;) (Yes this is completely contradictory to my last point, so maybe featured sub verses shouldn't really be a thing at all)

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go1dfish here again.

We should turn voat into a grindr type service. Please PM me cocks and other various scat porn. I have a tiny penis and I'm a cuck jew nigger faggot.

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go1dfish here again. Is it safe to use wart remover when they're on your genitals?

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I heard go1dfish has a big dick, hot girlfriend, and lots of money.

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@SaneGoatiSwear here, and let me just say, my voat 2.0 looks like CAWKS EVERYWHERE.

no just kidding. end the gestapo sjw control of voat, end greyboxing, bring back transparency.

voat 2.0 has chat everywhere, ability to be anon throughout voat in comments as well as chat not just posts. also, i really like the "sort by upvoats + downvoats" instead of "upvoats - downvoats" option aaaaaaaaas default option. @puttitout @puttitout @puttitout @PUTTITOUT


still no word on the new admin secret ban hammer. no word on who the dev team is. no word on financials. no word on traffic. no word on why it feels like 80% of voaters just left, and the front page is now full of 10 paid accounts reposting reddit trash and news.

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it's not anon tho. that's really a misnomer because votes are IP logged, and now with this new hidden logging feature, posts you post are IP logged as well, including in anon mode, unless @puttitout wants to comment on that.

i agree anon mode is great for many things, and does set voat apart, it needs to be, like ceo putt said, fleshed out more, way past milestone 1.

can we have realtime v/all/new again? how about realtime votes counting? it takes minutes.

the hell do you mean frontend, for a layman, please? eli5.

did you just say voat bitcoin wallets for erryone? intrigued if bitcoin wasn't fuqed. maybe a different cryptocurrency... anyway i like the idea...

wtf 5th. mod differences. what about those.


what about the rampant manipulation of votes and the front page; dissent silencing? should voat/putt be hands off? so far we have 250 bans of users mostly that never voted for "vote manipulation." with a promise to explain, with no explination. as said, secret court with secret judges with secret rules providing bans on whomever they please whenever they please. it is NOT being addressed. the war is still on.... comments on this?

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Oh I'm under no delusions that Voats anon mode is fully anon.

It's just a nice hybrid between the best of chan style forums and Reddit style.

Other cryptocurrencies could work as well, doesn't have to be BTC.

Not sure what you mean on 5.

You can't eliminate the necessity for trust in the operators of a centralized website. If this is a deal breaker platforms like Aether may be more your style but they aren't quite mature yet.

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the hell do you mean frontend, for a layman, please? eli5

webapps are frontend (javascript in the browser) and backend (serves the pages or json to the browser as requested). Many features can be implemented on either the front end or the backend. Having more of them on the front end means that the back end just serves as an api, instead of just a web server.

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choose to identify myself

Here we go /s

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As long as "Attack Helicopter" is a listed gender we should be good to go.

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Go1dfish here again

My wife recently gave birth to a son with very dark skin. She claims its mine, and that she has an African ancestor whose genetics resurfaced. Is he mine? My wife says DNA tests are racist, how else can I find out?

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Make it so that the default comment sorting isn't based on up-downvoats, but up+downvoats. This would allow the most controversial opinions to be at the very top

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I like this - i was deadlocked at 5-5 on a vote and that comment got buried even though it had a lot of discussion etc. It was viewed as a 0 comment. Great idea.

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Count downvote as .5, while upvotes are counted as 1. This way trolls don't make it to the top, and it's a compromise of our current system.

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How does this combat spam?

I liked the idea at first, but thinking about it more this removes the most effective tools end users have against spam.

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But then you're using the same tool used for hiding spam to hide opinions that you don't like. You're literally saying that downvoating is effective for hiding spam, but don't see that it hides different opinions as well? We need to embrace that downvoating is used for expressing disagreement and find a different solution for taking care of spam

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Mayhaps have it ratio based, where it needs x amount of ups for y amount of downs?

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isn't this sorting already implemented? (sorting: "intensity") . So its just a matter of switching the default for guests.

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Night mode as standard!

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It's just so painful

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It would make Voat look less like that other shithole.

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Red overlay mode

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Oh yeah because leddit doesn't have a night mode

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The 'log out' option needs to move away from the message notification icon.

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↑ THIS!!!!

(It's good to be anon, you can use forbidden responses)

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that's a sexy arrow. i'd fuck your arrow, baby.

(it's good to be anon, you fuck stick with a point.) lol point. because yes that fucking button needs to fucking move.

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Man this just happened to me for the first time today.

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OMG yes! Move it now!!!

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There's a log out?

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Not sure if this is the right place for this, but the smaller subs need front page to show posts that haven't been voated on yet. I think subs are dead, go there, and found people have posted but no upvoats have happened yet. Did the RSS thing, and unless they get at least 1 upvoat, it doesn't show in the RSS feed either. If they would show up on front page, they will get voats and would help save small niche subs.

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What if we had a "everything but default subverse" list.

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I have not seen any site doing this. I've thought about it for a while, and surprised that no one has made it happen. Are there any examples of other sites doing this?

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Don't you mean v/all ?

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Not sure if this is the right place for this, but the smaller subs need front page to show posts that haven't been voated on yet.

I mod of a couple small subs & this is definitly worth exploring.

For starters we wouldn't need stickies over a year old telling people to "try hitting new!".

Also, submissions with zero or less wouldn't effectively disappear completely. It can be frustrating looking for & submitting good content only to be foiled when a single downvote makes it zero.

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Voat needs content and so much is wasted when great posts are hidden from communities!

I also run a number of smaller subs and I can confirm that if awesome new content doesn't get an up-vote within the first few hours, then it is effectively lost forever... however those which do get an up-vote within a few hours "take off" and are seen and enjoyed by the community.

The existing sorting algorithm is insanely wasteful and is harming Voat!

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Can we keep the same anon number per comment section. That way one person can't pretend to be multiple people or someone else from higher in the comment chain.

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8451652 here again. Please pm me if you're looking for a good time

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kind of like 4chan's optional identifier?

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Can we add a '12 hours' to the /top list. It would be nice to look at the /top list without seeing stuff from when I checked it yesterday.

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"custom" field could work too

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"Custom" would be awesome. Something like voat.co/v/top/08nov2016-09nov2016

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Owlchemy here. I think this was discussed before, but am revisiting. I think we need flags for the mods within a sub to allow us to know a new message has been sent to the mods. As it stands, if you don't physically check messages in the sub, you never realize something came in. I'm thinking a flag on the order of the notification we get when we get a PM. That way all mods can see that something needs to be addressed in their little realm, be it spam, or just a message, and it doesn't go unnoticed.

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fucking @puttitout this shit right here. it's a serious issue. mod mail needs to show up as a red mail icon like any other ping/pm/etc.

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Bdmthrfkr here. I totally agree, not that I ever get any sub messages but if I did I would want to know about it. I never check that shit!

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Yes, this is a genuine issue. This would be a great improvement.

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