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Donated, planning to donate quarterly.

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My nutty friend, what you don't understand is, I'm an (((illuminati))) and I am funding censorship tools. Puttler needs gas to burn books!

Take the libertarian view. While I enjoy Voat, I'll chip in. Once it sucks, I'll be nostalgic and stop. When they unstuck their heads, I'll chip in again. If everyone did this, we could keep our servers from constantly being on fire every time Reddit haemorrages users.


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that's a bad idea.

you have no evidence justin chastain, the CEO of Voat, Inc. is even a real person.

censorship is now the norm here.

militant sjws and srs are here, and control voat, and are sanctioned to downvoat brigade any user speaking outside the narrative into silence, not just on one account, but on all accounts they may create after being assaulted into -ccp.

this has produced a nasty chilling effect, making people afraid to speak on voat, in fear of reprisal, causing serious self-censorship.

there are also censorship tools all over voat, from the block button, to the behavioral restrictions that stop you from commenting, posting, and voting freely (all forms of protected free speech in the u.s., all abridged by voat, inc.)

there are now magic shadowbans. you can be globally banned from voat for a single upvote. but don't worry if you downvoat brigade the sjws/srs targets, you're safe. p.s. there's no ban warning, no ban rule, no ban appeal for these bans. they're magically shillicious!

puttitout lied to you. he said he would stay neutral and end this. but what he did was ban a bunch of upvoat brigading accounts and goatku. NONE of the downvoat brigaders, criminal harassers/abusers against voat were banned. none. not one.

17,000 downvoats, over 10,000 harrasing/defaming/attacking comments and 600 posts...., but no, harassment (a crime), defamy (a crime) are apparently not breaking the u.s. law enough for voat to take action. but if you post rachel madsen's contact info consider yourself banned in an hour.

there's some serious rule for thee, not for me, going on in voat's administration, as voat's actually run by the sjw cabal, including fuzzywords, failure, disappointed, kevdude, and more! they're all shills! they took over reddit. now they're taking over voat!

if you want to do something to help voat, you will stand against this takeover, and stop this slippery slope.

end -ccp restrictions.

end the shadowbanning.

drain the voat swamp of shills in the administration.

these are required, for voat not to die.


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We also don't have any evidence that you're not completely insane, but we still put up with your dumb ass.


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You are a bad idea and we don't even know if you are a person.