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This is a good point, can we get a clear definition of brigading so people can make sure they don't do it?


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Yes, I will provide more info on this before I initiate any further bans for this reason.

It is not my intention to ban anyone but those that are abusing the system for malicious reasons.


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It needs to be VERY CLEARLY DEFINED. Reddit uses this as justification to ban anyone they dislike because nobody knows what brigade is.

For example, I lost one reddit account after some dude spammed hundreds of comments to me and I downvoted them from his userpage instead of each thread. I don't think any sane person would consider voting on a reply to your comments to be brigading.

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My worthless interpretation would be looking at someone's profile and downvoting everything in sight because you were triggered. (i.e. being a faggot).

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Ehh, I don't know. I've had comments that people didn't like, and they've downvoted a user page's worth of comments. I don't think that should be bannable though, it's just dumb. There's already a 10 per day restriction, no? Guess not!

So is it brigading if more than one person gets triggered by that comment and downvotes a bunch? That's happened too. Not sure I'm in favor of that either. But how do you tell the difference between that and people communicating to each other, "hey, this guy's a tool, let's wreck his imaginary points?"

Putt knows! :-D Guess we'll find out soon enough.


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I would imagine this means using alts to downvoat someone multiple times.


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Ya. Just happened to me, and they made sure to put me to below to 100 comment points threshold so I can't downvote anybody. Not that I do it a whole lot anyway, but what a bitchy faggot move.