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[–] SaneGoatiSwear 20 points 0 points (+20|-20) ago  (edited ago)

edit: all v/til bans have been undone.

well while you fail the rest of voat, having given up on defending free speech

there are still good goats that are wondering

what @puttitout will do about the shills

this goat's firm suggestion is to create a lower-than-designer mod position with 0 power other than the "official" person to point out disinformation tactics and fallacious speech in comments. (which they must do regularly and completely)

that way, we can all stay abreast of who is really shilling here, without having to use any censorship methods to accomplish it.

instead of removing or banning shills, just shine the light of truth on their tactics, and they have no power.

this is a brutally effective idea if implemented by @puttitout. if @puttitout doesn't implement it, then these shills are free to brigade, silence, produce a chilling effect, and ultimately censor voat and control it's narrative.

for example: i would be at -2000 ccp simply for pointing out locke's reddit cancer and the partial list of confirmed shills, if other goats had not upvoat brigaded me.

if i do not use top comments to bring awarness to serious issues to the community, then none of my posts would ever be seen by anyone, because i am permanently downvoat brigaded upon posting. 24/7.

this isn't a bot problem. it's not a brigade problem. it's a problem of those with agendas to make voat die and to control voat and the narrative. the srs and the sjw agendas.

see: kevdude fuzzy words and the sjws hailing from CTR central: v/protectvoat and the srs cabal from v/soapboxbanhammer v/soapdoxbanhammer


[–] SuperConductiveRabbi 1 points 6 points (+7|-1) ago  (edited ago)

/u/SaneGoatISwear thinks that by maintaining half a dozen alt accounts he can create the appearance that Voat is suffering from some major issue, and the remedy will just so happen to involve an admin taking his claims seriously and giving him attention. Just like every previous time he's pestered the admins.

In reality, his tactic is obvious and he doesn't have the time nor ability to create the number of alts necessary to overrule the majority that are wise to him.

Hey SaneGoat, how's it feel to know that your reign of censorship on TIL is about to end? Now downvote me 8 times, you worthless fuck.


[–] kammmmak 1 points 2 points (+3|-1) ago 

His CCP is tanking like some stock I see.