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Well, that was expected. Paypal is a fucking terrible corporation and people should REALLY stop trusting these fucking blackmailers. How many people must these fucks screw before the public stops trusting them with their money?

edit: It seems Google Wallet is just as terrible, so the only solution for an easy to pay system is a build in site pay feature which imo should be a priority now if we want voat to survive. Unless there are other suggestions.

edit2: If you don't want to close your paypal account because you might need it in the future, which is understandable given its popularity, I urge everyone to empty their paypal accounts completely and only use it for direct transactions with their CC. Not just because you're boycotting but to protect your money from these thieving fucks (for example...). Also, if you're buying something from another country make sure to change the settings to stop paypal from converting the currency for you (the setting is in tiny fond during the transaction) because paypal's currency exchange rates are obscenely expensive. It's just another way for paypal to rip off their customers and it's actually an opt-out system which is enraging. And DO NOT "upgrade" your account unless you really need that, iirc there are a couple of scams there too.


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It may be advisable to begin investing in to any service which agrees solidly with freedom of expression, and supports them likewise. Currently it would appear the best solution is Bitcoin, which is rather ironic because they're pushing an increasing number of persons into its use through censorship. In other words, ironic because they're killing themselves with their ideological rulings.

Perhaps the best thing I can say about Voat and people who've been attracted by it: We don't want your god-damn ideology. We want your service. Let us decide what we want to say with it. If there are any other services on the internet who sides by this, though admitting restrictions forced by law, I would fully support their using Voat to advertise themselves.

Edit: If anyone knows of any such service fitting this description, please respond with it. Maybe we can make a compilation and see where we go from there.


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I know reddit doesn't like bitcoin because lol pyramid scheme hur dur hur, but i've been using it quite happily for awhile. It had a bubble last year, but it's been steady for some time. Useful to have a stash..

Up to you guys though..


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Still Bitcoin, but Circle makes bitcoin really easy to send.

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It's going to push the fee on the buyer, though. It makes it harder to purchase as they'd have to open a Circle/Coinbase account, etc. It's a lot of hassle to support a site like this. Consumer adoption of bitcoin has always been hampered by it simply taking more effort to use day to day.

There has to be a payment provider or plugin to easily accept donations that's not PayPal.


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I stopped using Paypal long ago and closed my account. There are way too many PayPal horror stories out there. VOAT is not there first organization to have donations refused due to Political Correctness.

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No, Google Wallet is even worse than Paypal and they actually retired the API, so you can't really do anything big with them. Solution now seems to be Bitcoin, even Skrill can't be considered as alternative...


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I know I might get downboated for saying this. But setting up ripple node bumping up trust would work well too. It is not anonymous but banks are buying into it and it is direct transfer from account to account no middle man like paypal/gwallet.


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I'm pretty sure you can send money through gmail, all you need is the email address of your recipient.

If not that, well, there's always bitcoin

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Regulation. Sooner or later, people are going to start to realize it's needed.