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This. We're trying to keep our users out of jail, not pander to feelings. Restricting something because you don't like it is deplorable at best.

And get this, it goes directly against Voat's freedom of speech policy. It goes against any freedom of speech policy actually.


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To be fair to the proposed rule, though, sexualized pictures of dressed children can still be ruled CP when they fail the Miller Test.

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That's fine, but the rule as it stands would also ban loli art and text depictions, which isn't OK.


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Good luck applying the Miler Test to many jailbait pictures. You'll get different answers and interpretations for just about every single picture. A girl in jeans and tshirt ok? What if the jeans are tight-fitting? Does that make it obscene? It gets to the point that it says more abotu the person applying the rule than the people you're trying to shut down.

Is this obscene:

How abotu this:


Good luck trying to get any consensus on those.

If things like 16yr old girls in bikinis are obscene/wrong then we should probably ban all clothing catalogues and websites featuring 16yr old models. When wil you be happy? When everyone's wearing a burkha until the age of 21?


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So basically let the government and literally anyone just decide whatever they want and jail you if they don't like it? Thanks, but no thanks.