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[–] 7585308? 4 points 51 points (+55|-4) ago 

Yup... "Jailbait" subs with legal pictures got banned first on Reddit and it was downhill from there. Continued with drawings, then creepshoots then fatpeoplehate, coontown and at the end there was a site wide censorship of wrong opinions.


[–] 7589693? 0 points 26 points (+26|-0) ago 

Absolutely this. subs on reddit with legal content such as xsmall and xxxsmall got banned because people associated young looking or thin women with children, even though the mods there were very diligent in removing any questionable content. It wasn't even jailbait type stuff being posted, it was legally published porn with of age women that looked young. The moral police got to decide it was wrong because they associated those women with children because of their looks.


[–] 7588611? 2 points 8 points (+10|-2) ago 

This is about right and the issue was forced by somethingawful goons disguised as shitredditsays. I think this latest voat debacle involving whitesomustberacist smells a lot like outside interference


[–] 7587612? 18 points -9 points (+9|-18) ago 

I honestly couldn't care less, this site doesn't need jailbait subs, period.

Marketing alone for the site is a worry when people associate it with that crap