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And what's the point really in blocking that but allowing shit like niggers, fat people hate, and other hate subs. If it is legal (e.g. non-nude under 18, but socially undesirable) then doesn't banning it go against the free speech of voat? Isn't it implicitly condemning one (jailbait) while approving of another (hate speech)? Its an interesting insight into what the two admins feel is OK and is not OK.


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Exactly. The point of free speech is that even objectionable speech is allowed. As soon as the decision is made that there will be a moral standard applied to what is and isn't allowed, it all goes to shit within a couple of years because ... surprise ... everyone has a different idea of what is moral and what isn't. Guaranteed.


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And calling jailbait immoral is quite funny beause 300 years ago people were marrying sixteen year olds and were happy to do so.

It's the other hand of moral relativism. Some moral relativists use it to excuse their behavior dispite it's harm to others. Some seek make a matter of morality where there is none.

There is nothing immoral about making logical arguments that minority classes happen to find inconvinient and there is nothing immoral about being attracted to what is biologically normal to be attracted to.

There is something immoral about living off of welfare, there is something immoral about using people's substance choices as an excuse to steal from them, there is something immoral about calling someone a freak who's normal.

Morallity is not a made up subject, but there are a lot of people who would like to make up a load of things around the subject.

Fucking moral relativists.


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The flip side of posts containing jailbait type pictures is that the subs where these characters hang out become a place for them to meet each other, and then send the explicit/illegal stuff through private messages. I'm not sure what should, or even could be done about that, but I don't like the idea that this stuff is traveling through Voat, even in PMs.


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You are free to keep on not liking it. That's your right as a free person. Your rights do not extend to forcing others not to do things that you don't like.


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We should stop allowing niggers.