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"Sexualized content of minors".

As long nipples or genitals are NOT shown, we should let them stay. That's for REAL children and teenagers. It's a bit creepy but inoffensive. The racists are technically inoffensive too but you're gonna ban them too? I doubt you will.

If you ban /v/lolicon, I swear by God, Zeus, and anything else mankind ever worshipped, you're not gonna be any different than the reddit administrators. I will delete everything that belongs to me. There's no point in staying here if you also lack the capacity of differentiating reality from fiction like them.

And I will hate you for making me waste such a amount of time in this site. There's nothing I hate more than people who make me waste my time.


[–] 7585592? 1 points 8 points (+9|-1) ago  (edited ago)

And how do you define something is sexualized? By the intent of the creator or how it is used?

Let's create a sub /v/PrettyGirlsInAds ... and post images of pretty girls in advertisements (toy commercials, school supplies, modeling clothing, old JC Penny catalogs Jr Miss underwear section). I mean, its not sexualizing anything, is it? These are just advertisements that feature young girls under the age of 18. Completely legal and innocent. So so so very innocent.


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It seems innocent. Looking at dressed girls was never illegal.


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don't delete, change course and bring the real ship wreck that was allowed to stay. v/EfficientKilling i will bring the fire. instead of promoting autonomy of people to make choices about their bodies, i will embrace the tyranny in the way that rulers fear most. i will teach people how to kill in a very efficient manner. instead of posting lolis post acid/base reactions, post maps showing building entrances and exits, post directions on how to shape charges, etc.

lolis are downright harmless compared to some of the free speech out there.


[–] 7586185? 13 points -11 points (+2|-13) ago 

Adios motherfucker. Go jack off somewhere else weeb