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Nude images of minors are a "gray area" in parts of Europe, until Sharia fully takes over, but nude pictures of minors in the United States are illegal.


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lies, pretty baby the movie is quite legal in the US. nudity is legal, nudity in lascivious poses or that is centered on the genitals is illegal in the US. lascivious poses are illegal regardless of clothing, and images centered on the genitals when the clothing is sheer is also illegal.

that is beside the point. legal pictures should be allowed. i am fine with no nudity, but even facebook allowed the napalm girl in vietnam to be posted after the public backlash, even when she is clearly nude.


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Yeah, pretty sure admins aren't talking about your typical nudes. Napalm girl is a good example.


[–] 7584785? 4 points 6 points (+10|-4) ago 

No they are not. There are many nudist website with such pics.


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if it's on the internet it must be legal


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And 'such pics' are illegal. Just because they exist does not make them legal. Is it legal to live nude in a nudist colony? Sure. Is it legal to post photos of nude minors anywhere? No. No it is not.


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Great point. Unless you want to spin off different versions of Voat for different countries, Voat has to adhere to the strictest standard or risk being banned.


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Actaully that's the oposite of a good idea. I guess we should comply with NK, China, Australia, UK, and India that have porn bans or something just short of it. We should also censor everything to comply with Japan.

The beauty of the internet is you comply with one areas rules and tell everyone else to suck it. To do otherwise would be madness. It's not how the internet works. Single country compliance is how the internet works so why would Voat of all places censor more than what the rest of the internet does? That would be antithetical to what voat is. Apply the minimum of the law or anything else you are complicit with censorship.

Find a locality where Voat exists and follow only those rules. International compliance is bullshit.

By the way /v/niggers wouldn't be internationally compliant.


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Nobody gives a shit about you fucking eurofags. keep your pedo shit out of here.


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nobody gives a shit about you whitey fags, keep your nigger shit out of here. nobody gives a shit about you fatophobes, keep your hate out of here. nobody cares about you antisemites, keep your racism out of here!

if nobody cares or gives a shit, than everything should be allowed so long as it is legal. don't like some sub? there is a block button for a reason.