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Pornographic images of minors are illegal, or at best in a grey area

Nude images of minors is a grey area, porn is illegal.


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Nude images of minors is not porn or illegal. Nude images of minors engaged in a sexually explicit situation IS illegal. A pic of your nudist family at a nudist beach is not porn. A pic of... I'm not going there. You get the idea.

I personally do not condone of either. Just pointing out the law.


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You're pointing out the law in your country. Mine is much more strict.

I don't wanna get v& just because your country's laws allow degeneracy.


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It is still sexualizing children which should not be aloud in any shape or form. If any general area of the genitals are shown it should be banned.


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Sexualizing sure, but posting a picture of my daughter in a Halloween outfit isn't. Seems unfair to ban posting pictures of kids entirely, but there's certainly something that needs defined there.

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Yes, I would agree, at least as far as VOAT is concerned.


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You mean covered or uncovered, or both?


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Exactly. Take into account nude beaches and nudist colonies. Families go there together and family photos are taken. There are sometimes naked children in the photos just like everyone else in the photo is naked. This is not pornography because the focus of the photo is not explicitly on the private areas of the child. This is also why nudist colonies go to great lengths to know who tries to become a member before being allowed inside. If photos at a nudist colony were cp they wouldn't be listed on search engines.


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And they're fucking degenerates too.


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Nude images of minors are a "gray area" in parts of Europe, until Sharia fully takes over, but nude pictures of minors in the United States are illegal.


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lies, pretty baby the movie is quite legal in the US. nudity is legal, nudity in lascivious poses or that is centered on the genitals is illegal in the US. lascivious poses are illegal regardless of clothing, and images centered on the genitals when the clothing is sheer is also illegal.

that is beside the point. legal pictures should be allowed. i am fine with no nudity, but even facebook allowed the napalm girl in vietnam to be posted after the public backlash, even when she is clearly nude.


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No they are not. There are many nudist website with such pics.


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Great point. Unless you want to spin off different versions of Voat for different countries, Voat has to adhere to the strictest standard or risk being banned.


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Nobody gives a shit about you fucking eurofags. keep your pedo shit out of here.