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Sexualized Content of Minors *

Should only concern real people, not drawings. Maybe common sense, maybe not.


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I agree. The anti-child porn laws are to protect and prevent exploitation of REAL children. Drawings and cartoons means NO REAL children were ever harmed in the making or enjoyment of them. Even if there is cartoon-depicted sex, it's still not real.

And besides, I thought that's what the "Block" button was for, so people don't ever have to see it. If it doesn't affect you, don't worry about it. It's similar to the gay marriage thing, how will two same-sex people getting married negatively impact your life? It doesn't. So just let gay people get married, legalize marijuana, and leave our cartoon drawings alone.


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Go to /b/ if you want kiddie fucking cartoons and leave voat as sane discussion board.


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Let them have something equal, but don't call it marriage. If I say "They are married" I don't want to have to add, that they are not gay. The word should imply man and woman.


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Gross, no. Fuck you. Your kind deserve to be ostracized as a means of protecting society. Your proclivities are the product of a broken mind and your existence is a liability.

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Why would anyone go to Canada, eh?


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Encrypt → Cloud (preferably under your control) → Wipe → Move → Download → Decrypt.


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Please! There's so little places for these communities now :c


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There are apperntly legal restrictions in some areas like Utah which make them legal count as the same thing.


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In some places the law is written in a way that makes no distinction, probably because no one has drawings in mind when writing this, but as far as I know this gets rectified whenever challenged.