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Based admins

Anyway, I'd like to hear the voat community on spammers. People who make literally thousands of accounts and flood out a subverse with the same post. It's getting old and it's not fair to anyone who uses a single account.

Not saying that this should be a site wide rule, but I would like to see individual subverses adopt a clause against this type of shit posting


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@Cynabuns has been pushing for a more clearly defined policy on this and I agree, something needs to be done.


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I think a report button that includes reason spam/CP/dox and automatically hides the content for review would work. If the review finds the content to be OK, then escalating bans of the reporting account.

Apply a minimum CCP rule so it can't just be constant new accounts reporting things.


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Spamming is pretty well defined. Spamming is the use of electronic messaging systems to send an unsolicited message, especially advertising, as well as sending messages repeatedly on the same site . Seems you guys are only worried about the advertising portion though, suffering the repeated messages my self I would like to have them deleted to unclog threads if nothing else.


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Allow users to block others instead of waiting for the janitors to wake up. That way each user can define their own spam.


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You mean @She.


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Yeah, fuck that /u/Voatisforniggers retard. 0 value spamming idiot.


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I considered him a joke account. Needs tweaking though.