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I have got to say. You admins are a class act for letting the community decide.

Please let this set a precedent for Voat in the future.

[–] go1dfish 11 points 34 points (+45|-11) ago 

I agree, though in the future I think this should be decided by the subscribers of the sub in question in the future.

I.e. a poll like we just had, but where only subscribers to /v/niggers since X date would be able to participate.

That way a community is protected even if the wider voat community is against it for whatever reason.

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Problematic in cases of a hostile takeover. Once that rule was in place they would coordinate to subscribe some period of time before actually taking over.

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The only issue I see with that is for instance in this case a lot of the subscibers to v/niggers were banned. How the site owners handled things now lets those that were part of the old v/niggers userbase vote on what to do. I especially like that even those that did not like v/niggers were still pushing for the sub to stay up. That really speaks volumes about how much the main userbase on Voat cares about free speech.

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I agree, though in the future I think this should be decided by the subscribers of the sub in question in the future.

But if you do that then it's possible the majority of subscribers are actually those trying to deceive.

Good to see you around fish!

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Fuck that. We handled it accordingly, and cam be trusted to do so. There's no need to segregate your weird selves. We aren't children.

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Please let this set a precident for Voat in the future.

What if the community voats against free speech next time?

What if they vote for Hillary Clinton?

Is that when we nuke the site from orbit, just to make sure?

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Thought of this too. The banned "mods" can create their own board if they want. It's so obvious they were isolated incidents that got paid off or were compromised.

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Exactly, that's why I said #2 is the best option. Eventually it would have died, became inactive then switched to someone that cares.

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VOAT is the BEST!

[–] q0p 1 points 3 points (+4|-1) ago 

They are awesome dudes... Truly. But what the fuck is going on with backpage being blocked on Voat?

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I am ignorant. What is backpage?

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Wow. Compare this to reddit. Admins here are classy as fuck. Thanks guys. Thanks for Voat. Thanks for protecting free speech.

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That is why I shall donate to this cause

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@WhiteSoIMustBeRacist I ask again, do you know why I'm smiling?😊

[–] PeaceSeeker 0 points 44 points (+44|-0) ago 

Thank you, Putt. This was handled expertly and the transparency shown throughout was inspiring. I'm also glad such a vast majority of us are in agreement on this.

[–] SaneGoatiSwear 11 points 7 points (+18|-11) ago 

@puttitout i agree with peace: i appreciate you allowing the community to come together and discuss handling a serious issue like this, and i appreciate you facilitating that process and acting by the community's wishes, albiet i'd have preferred you to NOT do this in an anon post. there are a lot more issues to deal with, and they need to be dealt with like this. thank you and i hope that's really fucking you and one day you two @atko you as well can come out and face us and re-integrate into the community that truly wants you to be a part of it.

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one paragraph

shill detected


etc. etc.

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Thanks for leaving the paranoia and the "all caps" up on the shelf.

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As i said in a showerthoughts submission; this is going to keep happening because there are people ideologicially or finanically committed to ruining the free speech ideal of this website.

It is imperative that admins maintain their neutral stance that is protecting the integrity of the website, and it is doubly imperative that mods treat their subverses with respect.

Powermods have ruined many websites, it is only a matter of time before the shills, SRS, goons, etc weasel their way into positions of power.

After all, if these anti-free speech folk had a logical argument then they would have subverses with a large userbase that agrees with them. On the contrary, most users here are former redditors, 4chan anons, and so on. We dont take kindly to people trying to screw us over a second time.

Doesnt matter if the subverse is antithetical to your moral sensibility, the point of the web and this website in particular should be open discussion of that which is acceptable to discuss and share under the law thats governs the website.

Thats all, thanks my fellow voaters for maintaining their communities.

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I don't think it is some big conspiracy, I think it is just a couple fucktards with hundreds of alts each that think Voat is their playground and they get joy out of annoying the normal users.

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There needs to be a non-coercion way to handle rogue mods. If users themselves can "unmod" a mod from their perspective it would go a long way towards blunting their power to subvert the system and cause chaos.

For instance if there was a checkbox next to each mods name in the mod list that I could uncheck. If they're unchecked then I can see all the submissions that particular mod spiked and all the comments they've tried to get rid of. They pretty much stop being a mod of the subvoat from my perspective.

Then maybe if enough people abandon a mod it's considered a vote of no confidence and they're unchecked by default for non-subscribers or new subscribers for that subvoat.

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Well said. Please accept this link to a picture of a golden goat as a token of my thanks.

[–] Redditsdead 5 points 24 points (+29|-5) ago 

Glad to hear. Thanks for the quick response. I hate v/niggers but think the current mod has gone full retarded. Let the sub be what it was meant to be.

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I haven't got a clue what all this is about, can you enlighten me?

[–] Redditsdead 3 points 3 points (+6|-3) ago 

V/niggers and their former mod who banned racism.

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Thanks for everything Putt

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Good leadership is a wonderful thing.

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