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What's wrong with racism if it's based on informed and rational reason?

Why should people pretend to respect violent rape culture?

If we can't have honest and robust discussions about the global problems with black culture then nothing will ever be improved.


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Perhaps others feel that constructively discussing the "problems with black culture" is not the intent of a sub called "niggers".

Additionally, your reasoning offers a legitimate goal (improving things) that could be achieved without racism. Why should this be accepted as an excuse for racism then?


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As an aside, is "racism based on informed and rational reason" still racism? Or just...common sense?


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Please explain to me what the 1st amend is worth on an international website not hosted in the US alone? How does it trump all the other laws in countries were Voat content is being served via Cloudflare? Voat has to adhere to the laws of the countries their content is hosted in, Voat choose to use Cloudflare, thus choose to host their content on servers spread all over the world with different laws. I find it kind of silly that US law is the most important thing here. If so, please stop using Cloudflare OR make this a US only site by hosting it on US servers exclusively. @atko