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Great point. A mod who requests and is granted a sub should never be permitted to change the rules within that sub, without a consensus of the subscriber base. I'm not saying a sub can't change it's direction, or what is or isn't permitted, just that if it already has a subscriber base, they should have an input in any changes. A mod, in my opinion, doesn't 'own' the sub, nor can they dictate, when a request sub is granted, he is simply agreeing to take it on as it is for the Voat community, not as his own personal realm. If they want to do that, create your own new sub, with the rules they want, and then get your own subscriber base. Otherwise, before changing rules, make very, very sure that your subscriber base is up to the changes.


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If they let little bitches start pulling this shit everything will turn into r/punchablefaces


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I really miss that sub. FeelsBadMan