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Voat is built of communities. Those communities grow organically over time because of the structure in place by the rules laid out by the community and codified by the mod. When a mod takes a community and drastically changes this structure it is a huge disruption, and most of the time the community will never recover.

If a sub goes through a bait-and-switch then the mod should be removed.

If you look at reddit, the r/politics community never recovered; they were fragmented to r/libertarian (which also attracted power-mods and has itself fragmented), etc. and now there is not a good place that everyone goes to for politics.

I'm not saying that nothing can ever change, but it needs to be clear that the new direction is desired by the community. A good example is the banning of memes, the sub might not have started with a rule against them, but if it is a factual sub, like /v/news or something, then it might be a rule that the community would get behind.

lastly, if you start doing things for investors then it will never stop, and you (or the investors) will be left with a pile of poo.


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Great point. A mod who requests and is granted a sub should never be permitted to change the rules within that sub, without a consensus of the subscriber base. I'm not saying a sub can't change it's direction, or what is or isn't permitted, just that if it already has a subscriber base, they should have an input in any changes. A mod, in my opinion, doesn't 'own' the sub, nor can they dictate, when a request sub is granted, he is simply agreeing to take it on as it is for the Voat community, not as his own personal realm. If they want to do that, create your own new sub, with the rules they want, and then get your own subscriber base. Otherwise, before changing rules, make very, very sure that your subscriber base is up to the changes.


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If they let little bitches start pulling this shit everything will turn into r/punchablefaces


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You are so right about investors. Fuck them. Guess what Voat is selling... Real shit. Not a bunch of self censoring half truths carefully worded like PR so some fag mod wont ban you because it's fucking reddit. The unfiltered truth is hard to find and terrifying to some. But if you create an environment where it exists it's priceless.