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Totally agree. Rinse and repeat, although a pain, is the only way to maintain Voat's credibility.


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I Second, freedom isn't free. Some things are met to be exceptions and some things need to be in the gray zone.

Also it is my suspicion that /u/WhiteSoIMustBeRacist may have just been hacked.


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If not hacked, then purchased. If it was a case of the account being hacked how hard is it to create a new account and make a ruckus?


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I agree.

While I follow a more free market approach to this, like the free market in the real world, once a product is established it becomes increasingly harder for a competitor to appear. Much like brand-name association, something becomes popular by name or reputation a replacement will never truly succeed (minus the very small handfull of cases where they do, those are the exceptions). That's like the CEO of Twitter establishing itself one way and then once it became the dominate platform to decide to start kicking everyone out because their "vision" changed, the CEO needs to be removed by the shareholders. Option 1 is the best course.


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Mods should be elected by a community's subscribers

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