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I just sent money directly via bitcoin client to voat's coinbase

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If you don't want to give away personal info online, is one option I know of. It wasn't available in my area, but I was able to find a similar site. You could also try selling something on Openbazaar. For example, I bought a steam giftcard with cash at a store, then sold it for a slightly cheaper amount of bitcoin. Look up how to find a trusty escrow for OB, if you do this.

Reminder: Read up on basic use, always double check everything, don't mess around with lots of money and use common sense to avoid scams.

Getting bitcoin is the hardest part, after that it's awesome. You can send it to anyone who accepts it or you can make your own "cold storage vault" that's more secure than most bank accounts, just in case bitcoin takes over the world...


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Oh right, I forget that some potential bitcoin enthusiasts haven't done this part yet :)

There are a number of ways to obtain bitcoin. The most straightforward methods are to offer goods and/or services for them. You can also buy them. Or you can mine them.

Sounds like you're interested in buying them with PayPal. I've bought and sold BTC with PayPal. It is more risky for the seller of the BTC than the buyer when someone is buying with PayPal. This is because a BTC transaction cannot be reversed and PayPal transactions can be.

I'm willing to sell you some BTC and both expose my PayPal ID to you and have yours exposed to me.

I'm up for taking the risk on selling BTC to you via PayPal for a few reasons, but if you're not up for it, no worries.

The trick about buying BTC is that it is hard to remain anonymous. You can contact someone via and meet somewhere in person for a cash transaction. That is probably one of the most secure ways as a buyer.

I've sold this way and it feels really sketchy every time. Flipping open laptops in a bar. Waiting for the blockchain to sync. Putting the money on the table, waiting 10 minute (or longer) for the transaction to be verified. There is stress involved.

But for small amounts like $50, I'm sure the stress would be minimized.

Another way is to hop on #bitcoin-otc on FreeNode IRC. It feels like the Mos Eisley Cantina there. I haven't been there much since my annoying web of trust situation, but you can buy "anonymously" there.

Here is my ranking as a seller from bitcoin-otc. I helped expose a scammer (who was trying to buy BTC with PayPal, always a shady situation there) and the scammer took revenge. shrug

Long story short: Buying bitcoin reveals your identity to the seller depending on the purchase method. If you're using PayPal, you will be telling the other end who you are.

I'm willing to sell you bitcoin for paypal. Hit me up. I'll use the current bitcoinity frontpage price. I guess that is bitfinex?

(Edit: "helped out" means many things, I "helped expose and help thwart" the scammer. Editing for clarity)