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This would be a very good way to further involve the users and my gut feeling is that this is probably the best solution. Even as low as 1k should be doable. We are open for suggestions.


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I'd very much consider dropping a grand on Voat if this comes to fruition.


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I don't like the idea of, give us money to throw at it for now, we'll work out a solution when we get there.

How about we work out a solution now. Hasn't this been an issue for a long time?

Edit: I hate to be this guy, but our admin pops in every 10 days. I honestly don't know how much he could be brought to care.


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could be a goldmine too if reddit dies and everyone comes here.


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If the service is good, the users should be willing to pay for it without receiving equity in the company. When others take equity, you lose control, either by being beholden to 1 big investor or 1 thousand smaller investors. Plus, it would be difficult to parse through all of those investors. A majority of them could be from the same group of people, trying to take over Voat.

As I stated in my other comment, I would be willing to donate via recurring subscription. I don't mind if my identity is known to Voat, so long as Voat makes a reasonable effort to protect it. Supporting free speech is worth that.

Still others prefer anonymity. Understandable. Give the people what they want, eh?

EDIT: keep it simple. always the best method to ensure quality.


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I think the bigger problem here is that we're running out of time to siphon off reddit. Let's say we don't get voat the investment it needs, then voat dies. Ok, now lets say voat gets an investment from some venture capital firm not related to conde nast, then voat lives but is doomed to suffer the same fate as reddit. Ok, so is that necessarily bad if voat suffers the same fate as reddit and ends up being replaced just like digg and reddit? I don't see a problem necessarily with this.

The real elephant in the room that needs to be addressed is that reddit is learning. Do you really think reddit is going to repeat its ellen pao or spez mistakes? No fucking way... Therefore, there will be less opportunities for voat to siphon off users and reach critical mass.

In other words, the enemy of my enemy is my friend for now.

Also, there are some investors out there that aren't complete dirt bags. Spez and Ohanian were mostly always in it for the monetary reward, so they took the first investments they could get (generally the worst come first in venture capital) rather than looking for an investor who shared the vision for the mission statement. Remember, these people have billions of dollars to burn through, they're not overly concerned with seeing ROI's from a couple million dollars of investment into something that has the capability of replacing reddit.


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Pretty much exactly the problem with Reddit. The corporate paymaster controls the show.

Please avoid going down this path.

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This this this! Instead of shares he should do something like a subscription to a special voting area where important company decisions are made. He wouldn't be legally on the hook to follow the recommendations of the faux board but could anyways. Make the explicit statement that they are not buying shares and are under no obligation to make company decisions based on the donation, but then follow the voting anyways. Of course run it through a lawyer first.

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Voat goes socialist? I'd love to see it happen.