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This would be a very good way to further involve the users and my gut feeling is that this is probably the best solution. Even as low as 1k should be doable. We are open for suggestions.


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I'd very much consider dropping a grand on Voat if this comes to fruition.


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If the service is good, the users should be willing to pay for it without receiving equity in the company. When others take equity, you lose control, either by being beholden to 1 big investor or 1 thousand smaller investors. Plus, it would be difficult to parse through all of those investors. A majority of them could be from the same group of people, trying to take over Voat.

As I stated in my other comment, I would be willing to donate via recurring subscription. I don't mind if my identity is known to Voat, so long as Voat makes a reasonable effort to protect it. Supporting free speech is worth that.

Still others prefer anonymity. Understandable. Give the people what they want, eh?

EDIT: keep it simple. always the best method to ensure quality.

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Just don't let Soros buy in. ;P


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I'm not associated with VOAT in any way but generally the increased regulatory & legal requirements make this sort of investment not worth it. I believe this is the main reason you don't see equity ever offered in crowdfunding.


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VOAT could IPO as a penny stock, place X% in the owners hands in a non-dilutable amount, and write the charter to require the protection of VOAT's original values. It would cost about $150,000 all put together


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Allow investors to buy bonds or similar instruments. Investor capital doesn't lead to stock ownership, but VOAT could pay a return on the bond when there were profits and management did not choose to reinvest in the business.

Or, issue only non-voting shares. Investors like VC funds would never do this but your users might. With non-voting shares, users could not influence the management team but would own part of the company for any profit sharing or if the company was sold.