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Let the goats roam as they please.

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I want this to be the unofficial moatto

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I think I can get behind us being Goats.

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We like roofs

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Transitioning the user base is going to prove quite difficult

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swizerland, not sweden

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I was curious about the rules since he's in Sweden, but it's a Colombian domain name.

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I am not allowed to down vote yet, but THAT guy is a fucking baaaaa-baaaaa-baaaad human.

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What drives people to do such cruel things?

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Dude you have as much CCP as me and you've been here for a week


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I'm glad I'm here. Everyone, thank you so much for this.

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You're welcome.

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I'm glad you are here. Now, let's be friends.

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You sure about that? That's literally Goebbels.

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Now kith.

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I'm glad to be here! I came by a few months ago but never made an account. After last week I finally committed. Now that the servers seem to be more stable I can actually participate in the discussion. I'm glad to have an alternative to corporate censorship!

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Me too. This is our ship.

Look at us...

We're the captain now.

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I hope most of us who are new to voat tread carefully. I know it was a tiny community before I read about it and now I am stuck here because everyone are friendly and there's this feeling you get when you participate in something early on. Like seeing user-names you recognize or getting an immediate reply to something you thought about and wrote down.

Excited to see where this leads.

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Like 4chan, just reversed.

Still, i don't know how this community will react if "SJW's" also storm on this forum. SRS never bothered me, till the day FPH was deleted and all the shit with Pao came up. So these kind of people are definitely dangerous, but i don't want to censor their voice either, if the want to speak up here, too.

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Very exciting, and refreshing.

Commenting code that allows subscript, superscript, strikethroughs, spoilers, headings, tables, and horizontal rules, all by default. A subverse dedicated to introductions (which used to be done for everyone, but that quickly became almost impossible with the recent flood). Subverse chatrooms. Ability for the community to recommend new site features, and then help beta test them. Restricted upvoating and downvoating at account creation. Unread message notifications that automatically pop up without needing to refresh the page.

It's all so unique, and I don't want any of it to change.

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Ehh I just hope Voat is Reddit without the rabid SJWs. That's all I'm asking for.

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You know what, if they want to come here let them. As long as they can't censor anything other than their own created subverses, I don't really see how it's a problem.

let the voting system handle them when they venture outside their echo chamber like they used to on reddit before the admins sided with them.

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I had a dream last night. I dreamt I was a dove flying over the sea. And then I dove into the ocean... And I swam with the dolphins. I was two animals joined as one... which meant - good things are coming. Good things.

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We're just returning the favor.

That other site is a fossil. Nothing changes, nothing evolves. What pathetic new 'features' appear are the kinds of things only some corporate drone with their head stuck in the 1990s could think are good ideas. They have been showered with the collective wisdom of social network theorycrafters for almost ten years, but they don't act on it at all. Instead, they make the mistake of all of their predecessors and start dictating content - an attempt to solve a 'problem' that only exists because they refuse to code simple features that would allow all communities to get along.

Not here. Ideas and features that other site's programmers have deemed 'impossible' or 'against democracy' are implemented here sometimes within a matter of hours. Nobody on Voat's team has ever said, "We can't do that" instead it's always "What's the best way to do that" and it shows. That is why you are awesome. The people here aren't afraid to experiment with concepts like restricted voting so we can ascertain better ways to build internet communities. Instead there's excitement in the air.

You handled this surge far better than that other site ever did. Every time some event on digg threw a slew of new users at reddit, reddit would be unresponsive and down for 2-3 days. This happened over and over and over again with each wave making the site worse. When digg finally popped and reddit took over, that influx left the site limping for several months.

Voat turned everything around in about three days - while the 'founder' was on vacation with only a tablet - and did it while under sustained denial of service attacks. That denial of service is a badge of honor - it means you're pissing off a few people who richly deserve it by doing things right. Once again, that's an amazing performance. We are all looking forward to this site's future evolution. Be brave, slaughter more of the sacred cows that other site holds up as commandments, and remember what reddit has forgotten - we can solve most of our problems in the code. We have the technology, we can built it bigger and better than ever.

This ride hasn't even begun in earnest yet. The future's so bright...

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You're right, My comment is a trigger to fossils everywhere. I am so ashamed.

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I swear to fucking god if I see someone who makes a corny joke and end the post with "i'll see myself out" I'll punch a baby. how original of you you asshole.

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Rooting for Voat to keep growing. We certainly are up to a great start.

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It's finally running on browser for me so I'm definitely gonna be on here more often. Glad to see it defy the expectations of some people.

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I'm here. Let's do this.

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Yeah, you! You're swell.

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I'm O.G. bloopton back in '92.

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We are all amazing! Voat seems more like a community than any other social media site I have visited.

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I'm really liking how diverse it is while still maintaining that community feel. In the short time I've been here I've seen feminists, MRAs, FPHs, vegans, gay guys, far right conservatives, trans girls, people who throw "faggot" in every comment, activists, potheads, etc etc etc, yet we're all here for the same reason and respect each other's right to express ourselves however we choose to. It's a nice change.

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I think it's because of the common "enemy". I wonder how long that can last though. Not to be negative, or anything. I love voat.

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It's very kind and welcoming here. :D

The community aspect us why I could delete my other account and not look back

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It's like a.. safe place.


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Just wait til it grows. It's inevitable that it will change.

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