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Here's one more for you. Read that very carefully.


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meh. although @cynabuns you have too many default subs. care to comment? there is a rule, apparently, that says you have too many default subs.

will you do the right thing and have an open discussion with the admins and users about this?

also, HIJACK!! hey @puttitout you forgot to update the warrant canary, or there's something in this new version you can't legally say?

"we have had 0 (zero) gag orders, National Security Requests, FISA orders, injunctions, super-injunctions, publication bans, nor any other free-speech prohibiting action against us nor against voat nor against any signed-in user of voat nor against any guest user nor against any groups of any type of users to the date of the last posting of this notification - - as well, up to that point, voat has been neither a trap of any kind nor has it up to that point been a honeypot. if this notification is not posted or no announcements are made (one) month to the second after the previous announcement, consider voat compromised and act accordingly."


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Hey SaneGoat, check out my post here: