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fuck anime

Way to bark up the wrong tree. Put the blame where it belongs, on the filthy, subversive leftist and liberal scum that is trying to shit up everything, including anime, for the rest of us.

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what happened another edge lord sub / community got banned?

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Reddit cracked down on loli content and started banning people for posting anything even remotely loli related then proceeded to banning some very prominent animemes users and moderators. And now there is some talk over there to try and invade Voat

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Where can I get more of this? Western illustration is in a dark age.

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by making it yourself

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even some good artists can't draw people that well

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Search anti-communist poster/propaganda.

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WTF, you began your campaign when there were two new posts here. Now that you've brought attention to it, there's more. Is this actually some stupid effort to popularize the channel? Fuck off.

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This whole sub is a horse shit pysop to flood v/all

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You mean the v/all that's 95% politics now, and really could use some variety? Seriously.

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I've seen a number of pieces lately talking about how SJWs are ruining anime. I don't really care about that stuff myself, but I'm glad we're able to give any group looking to escape toxic environments like that a home.

But yeah it is pretty dumb they were trying to take over the site or whatever, but also funny to watch it fail spectacularly. How's someone gonna go and be so brainwashed that they can't wait to become the totalitarian arbiters of morality that they were just trying to escape? Hopefully if these people stick around, they might try having a little self-awareness going forward.

Then again, they're really into anime.

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Wait? There was an attempted weeb coup? And no one told me?! Well I’ve got room over at v/TheAnimeReich for any survivors.

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Of sorts. It was mainly one guy and he was saying their group was large enough since their sub on reddit gets more upvotes than our frontpage, so he reckoned they could swarm us and get rid of all of the stuff they don't like. They had a sub where they planned to mutually upvote each other and since they were blatantly saying that it's what they were doing, they got downvoted into oblivion.

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No one told me either. I'm always missing out on current trends and stuff.

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Nigger loving, tranny fucking, reddit faggots.

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I cast "summon @friendshipistragic" Come and do battle my creature!

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I’m not your alt. I’m @gabara’s alt. Everyone knows that. Feck off. But with love.

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Very gay response, but accepted, also with love.

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Give me just a minute

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Holy shit this is awesome! I need moar quality memes here!

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If it could kill off all the niggers, I wouldn't have a big problem with anime.

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