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First time watching, didn't know what to expect and so far I'm pleasantly surprised. The main character is pretty interesting and the interactions between the characters create a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. I do feel the anime is going to be pretty predictable from now on though.

Also, the part of effort vs talent reminded me of Sakurasou and the parts about living in the countryside remind me a bit of non non biyori.


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I'm glad you're enjoying the show. Non Non Biyori is probably the show I am recommended the most by people when I tell them Barakamon is my favourite show. That and Usagi Drop. I think the show will continue to surprise you.


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I love the opening scene of episode 1 (Punch not Writing). I think it sets the tone of the show in a strange way and later is used to see the contrast between the two locations. The opening scene is serious. The old man is tearing apart Handa-kun's life's work but the punch is slowed down and repeated to the point of being silly. This tiny bit of silliness in an otherwise serious scene is caused by Handa-kun. Later, on the island it's quite the opposite. Everybody is laid back but Handa-kun is, again, the exception but in the opposite direction. With Naru's introduction the show wastes no time showing their wonderful Straight man/[I forget the counterpart to straight man] combo. It's quite endearing how Naru continues to unknowingly interrupt Handa-kun's attempts at brooding. The wall climbing bit was super on the nose.

Hiro is a punk-ass for his introduction but in usual Handa-kun fashion is 'fixed' at the end of the episode. I love Miwa sooooo much. The normal "Worked hard enough to be hospitalised" trope was used. I'm not fond of it. It makes everybody look like sissies. Naru in the ghost hospital was cute, the married nurse too.

The famous Mandom bit. This bit was quite popular when the show was airing. Makes sense, the transformation at the end was funny/cute. Anime fans like cute. I don't really care for glasses girl. She is just someone for Miwa to talk to in my eyes. Handa-kun/Hiro truest love. Her reaction in the flashback was great though. Handa-kun's moping was wonderful. Naru acting as translator was great. Yasu-Ba imparting wisdom on Handa-kun felt more profound than it actually was. That is actually a good thing. Show did a good job.

  1. Do you love the OP as I do?
  2. Why does everybody call him Sensei? Was it clear I wanted you to check out the Handa-kun manga?
  3. How did the show make you feel after watching?
  4. Was it clear I was running out of time while writing my comment.


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Do you love the OP as I do?

The OP wasn't that bad, but the ED was better. I'm sorry, it's true

How did the show make you feel after watching?

The atmosphere in Barakamon is one of the best things about it. The scope of the stories are pretty small, and they end up being quite cosy. The small community that this show is set in helps that pretty well. You've also got some of the main cast being children (who are actually voiced by kids), which makes this show feel innocent. Youthful. You'd think that given the stories told in this show, it'd be pretty boring, but the energy provided by characters like Naru just make it enjoyable to watch. They both combine to make a relaxing and calm atmosphere, and that's what it made me feel. This show is relaxing to watch


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Watch ep 1

Kinda boring & slow, dunno not feeling it