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I put vulnerabilities that require physical access to the device very low.


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they're in many ways still based on decades-old electronics


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https://archive.fo/Elcfl :

Android Devices Can Be Exploited With Decades Old-Telephone Tech | WIRED

'Not all Android phones are instantly vulnerable to attack. '

'"There are certain devices that didn’t appear to be taking those commands," Butler says, "But it would be premature to say for sure that they're not vulnerable. ', "The group found, though, that numerous mainstream smartphones leave the commands still accessible to anyone through a device's USB port even after they're in consumer hands."

'A team of researchers from University of Florida, Stony Brook University, and Samsung Research America has discovered that Attention (AT) commands, which date back to the 1980s, can be used to compromise Android devices. ', "But no matter how many iterations mobile devices go through, they're in many ways still based on decades-old electronics."

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