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I am a person who thinks Elon Musk on the internet is a fight, idiot me.

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He's got all the money and bitches, he sells overpriced shit to idealistic fools and names the jew.

What's not to like?

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The dick sucking shills that infest the internet by talking about what a revolutionary genius he is. Any legitimate conversation is inevitably derailed by idiots yelling muh reusable rockets

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Well go yell at reddit, he's their false idol.

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THe WEALTH of the predators MUST go somewhere. THeir progeny are RETARDS who would simply CONSUME witrh it, SO they "think" they get redemption by rerouting their STOLEN wealth to others. Only they are NOT capable of CHOOSING correctly. Elon Musk IS a phoney. His hype is a mass media hype (bullshit).

I, on the other hand, got patents, and got SUED for 10's of MILLIONS of dollars, since I wasn't "somebody" (ivey league...senators son)...a while back. Only I DID something grand....they accused me of ALL manner of dishoner I was in NO WAY guilty. RUINED me financially.

If you can't get what you EARN. You are in a world of EVIL. I'm thinking that's WHY there is SO much foreign immigration in IT these days.

Don't let predators run things....Don't let parasites run things. OBVIOUS reasons.

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Thats for damn sure, hopefully some day we can take the country back from these worthless pieces of shit

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Yeah it was a SURPRISE attack (perhaps my parents were stupid). I was TOTALLY naive about this shit. It is what it is. I hope they don't expect mercy, just because they got caught later on. It won't happen.

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Not an idiot, a snake.

He puts on a liberal mask to appeal to his tech buddies, Reddit, and the mainstream media, in order to sell overpriced electric cars, pushing a green angle while knowing damn well that lithium-ion is dangerous and mining it is bad for the environment. Not as bad as oil, but give me a break.

Elon then takes on a role in the Trump administration, does nothing for a couple months, and makes stepping down from his do-nothing gig look like an act of rebellion, causing a media bonanza. Meanwhile, he's busted donating a briefcase full of cash to Protect The House, a Republican Super PAC. I guess Mr. Musk doesn't mind Trump's policies so long as he stands to benefit from them. He'll scream "muh Paris" into six different microphones, but it looks like the man behind the curtain kinda likes that whole 'putting tariffs on imported cars' idea, and is willing to dig deep to make it happen.

Elon is great at starting companies, or so I've been told. He's an innovator, a maverick standing on the shoulders of giants. Except, he's not. He didn't create Tesla. He joined the fledgling startup back in 2003 and proceeded to throw a sociopathic amount of cash at it. He did, however, create X.com, a startup that was destined to fail until, for whatever reason, Peter Thiel merged with him. Thiel, I should mention, decided not to use the X.com brand.

I suppose one could make the argument that, though Elon Musk created some cool startups, Peter Thiel created Elon Musk.

I'll give the man his credit, though. SpaceX is an Elon original, and it's brilliant. He landed a freaking rocket on a barge in the middle of the ocean, making NASA look as outdated and inefficient as the IRS. Big win for Elon. Of course, he funded his cool space project using millions in government handouts, not loans, but I think he stopped wearing his libertarian mask prior to starting SpaceX, so it's all good.

In conclusion, Elon Musk is a man who came to America with nothing but the shoes on his feet, $2000 in his pocket, and an immigration loophole. He's managed to start some big companies, and isn't scared to take risks despite having nothing to fall back on if he fails, excluding his rich father, the man who drove little Elon to school in a $500,000 Rolls and owns an Emerald Mine. Liberals love Elon because "muh environment". Libertarians love Elon because "muh capitalism".

I, on the other hand, love Elon because he taught me that being rich and unethical is all is takes to be successful in America, something I'll cherish forever.

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Well put, not sure about the lithium thing though. It really takes a genius to ride the government handout wave/s

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(https://youtu.be/50rXYrFCQMw) lithium mining

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In your opinion, what was Tesla’s biggest mistake. IMO it was him blowing all that money on his over the road battery truck, which has no way in hell of competing with diesel for the next 30+ years.

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I don't think that was a mistake at all, he conned consumers into buying overpriced garbage and conned the government into subsidizing it. No his biggest mistake is naming the jewish media that made his stupid ideas successful in the first place.

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There's never a reason not to name the Jew. Why are you actually upset?

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The govt didn’t subsidize the r&d, the tooling, nor the manufacturing of the 1 truck produced. He only gets his subsidies on the sale of the vehicles.

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Didn’t he create PayPal?

That was pretty smart.

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All he did was buy the xcom domain

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Still a smart move.

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Someone can be either be an Idiot, or a Billionaire. One cannot be both.
He is pretty clever and is playing the system to get even richer and fund his projects. Some might be good (rockets), others might be junk (hyperloop). It bugs me how most things he does gets praised as something new never done before.

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well... shit.

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Oh go back to Reddit you media shill. He makes jab at you that is completely true and you corportate media cunts lose it.

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And deal with all the Musk dickriders there? I swear Musk is paying people to call him smart on the internet, you fags are everywhere

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Hey, I don't ride dick. I eat ass, ok?!

You cock gobbling bundle of sticks.

I'm thinking Elon Musk is 50% out of favor with the Reddit crowd. Still lots of worship for him though.

Anything solar or electric is still part of the unquestionabley good list right now for left cunts.

Shit like those stupid solar roadways... bunch if idjits spouting how great it was. I got a lot of dirty looks for explaining why it was so stupid. Not sure why people can't see the immediate BS behind some ideas.

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