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Yeah, that's pretty damning. Thanks for that.


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Subversive elements only have power in place they are allowed in. Voaters need the power to ostracize mods that violate our culture and ideals.


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Admins and users, do not give this user authority on voat. The user has demonstrated a tenancy towards authoritativeness, and the users of voat suspect agenda.


Deleting this rule-following thread that discussed guidelines for the community of AskVoat (https://www.voat.co/v/AskVoat/comments/401467/1731156) Substantial deletion of threads based on semantics (https://slimgur.com/image/Gqa) (https://slimgur.com/image/GqB) (https://voat.co/v/AskVoat/comments/397942) (https://voat.co/v/AskVoat/comments/394509) Deletion of comments that break no rules (http://i.imgur.com/U5wqtCl.png) for one.

This user observed a rule of the sub (Post titles must include a question "?") and has been citing it to delete popular, conversation-provoking question that occasionally forget a single piece of punctuation, as seen in the examples, while the users claim that the rule demands a question, not punctuation. This behavior is very worrying for the users.

The suspicion of agenda is something I would prefer left out of the consideration, for the sake of innocence until proven guilty, but it is bound to be mentioned. The comment history of the user has demonstrated the SJW-esque mindset, and given current trends, has caused alarm for the users. I have not personally found (not to say that it hasn't happened) any examples of this being manifested, but because the user is relatively new to voat, I have not considered it to be definitive either way.

To wrap things up, u/She is taking the powers of moderation to authoritative levels, enforcing rules by the letter of a questionable interpretation, abandoning the spirit of the community, and in the absence of a history we can draw upon to evaluate u/She, the community is worried about giving powers over the most vibrant subverse to this user. Thank you for reading.


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Thanks, i agree and saved your comment for future reference. This problem will not go away.


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Agreed. Smaller subs are fine but larger subs must be protected from SRS infiltration


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Exactly. I welcome them doing what they want on their subs. The defaults of voat are not for their agenda and we will have to constantly fight to keep them out, unfortunately.


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We're in a very delicate stage in the growth of Voat. We have to be very careful how we go about punishing those who are abusive. I do think @she is an abusive mod, though.


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Well @She is doing her thing and if you want, you can ask her to see if she accepts and makes things better. If not, contact me.

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